MG Role of Honour

I may be missing this list report but is there a listing of Mountain Goats that includes, at a minimum, the following data elements:

  1. Callsign, Date of MG Achievement, home Association, total current Activation points, geographic region (NA, SA, Europe, Asia, Austrailia, others?)
  2. Sort capability on Date within each geographic region, at a minimum.

One could pattern the MG list like the Activator Role of Honor that would incorporate code reuse.

My apologies if this has been discussed. Thanks in advance, Guy/N7UN/nS0TA


Hi Guy,

The activator roll of honour for all associations would let you see the list of all activators, but without the analysis options you are looking for. You could derive the geographic region from callsign of course. But it would not identify the date of MG achievement.

If I remember correctly it was 6 years ago we shared a table at Friedrichshafen and had a chat. Seems longer than that!

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA

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Hi Guy,
Did you mean Roll or Role?


Hi Andrew! Yes, Friedrichshafen was a lot of fun, esp. to be able to activate summits in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, especially with the locals. Lots of good memories.

There’s been some local discussion of when (date) did an Activator become a MG? That info is not shown. Logically, it could be shown on the Activator Roll of Honour.

On the other hand, perhaps this request is in the category of “not that important”.

73, Guy/N7UN/nS0TA

Yes it is, on the My Awards page.

I think Guy means everybody rather than just himself.

I can’t remember this ever having been requested before, if I have it right Guy wants to see a MG roll of honour with full details, I presume in date of award order. I imagine that the database guys could achieve this but probably with low priority.

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