Methodist Hill North W3/PD-006 and Snowy Mountain W3/PD-007

Heading up to Pennsylvania this weekend to do some hiking. Hoping to activate a couple of summits using my new (to me) KX3.

I’ve never done digital in the field, before, but I’m hoping to do PSK-31 using on-board features of the KX3. We’ll see how well that goes.

I’ve written up my plans on my blog and will hopefully have a better handle on my schedule Friday evening.

There are gates, no trespassing signs, and barking dogs on “Tower Rd” on Long Mountain. Added to summit info.

Does this fully exclude the activation zone or just the very top where the towers are?

Looking at satellite imagery, I can’t see a gate along the roadway. Per section 3.7.1, paragraph 4, of the SOTA General Rules (April 2015), I used USGS topographic maps to find 25 meters down from the summit (~1480 feet) and drew a line around this contour. This should mark the activation zone for this summit (see image). Does the gate block access to within the zone?

pd-013…I was there yesterday scouting it… there a no-trespassing signs, dogs and angry folks there… No joy on your proposed route…

I can recommend both PD-007 (short hike on the AT also!) and PD-002…

Richard // N2GBR

… Also note that PA is known as “Rocksylvannia”… to the AT hikers… so that 4Miles to Methodist hill may take some time…

Richard // N2GBR

Sooo… I’ll be in that part of Pennsylvania. Good to know.

Thanks for doing some ground work for me. I guess I’ll have to update my plans accordingly.

Snowy Mtn W3/PD-007 is one of my favorites. Part of the drive is on dirt roads, but last time I was there they were in good condition. Park at a gate (39.8275, -77.5026) & take a nice easy ~3/4 mile hike up a dirt road. The summit has a nice spot to set up - a small clearing with good trees. There is a cell tower up top, but it still fairly pretty. (No views, just pretty surroundings).

Perhaps you already know, but you once you have Google Maps in satellite mode, you can click out of satellite mode and then choose the terrain option to see the topographical lines. That always helps me when I’m scouting.


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Great, thanks for the insight. Seems like many people are suggesting this summit, in addition to PD-006, so I’ll add this to my list instead of PD-013.

Hoping all you guys will be chasing me over the weekend!

If you park before the Gate… you can walk the AT into the activation zone… near one of the cell towers and then wander over to the old fire tower… you’ll find the USGS marker near a large “dead” tree on the other end of the road that Jill mentioned…

Richard // N2GBR

Set all the gear up in the back yard this afternoon and I think I’ve got all the pieces and parts I need.

Got a nice surprise: the Bandspringer MIDI antenna tunes up just fine on 6m so expect to hear me there as well!

Eric, thanks for going to the low bands for us locals…
Merry Christmas… will you be activating some more in W3?

Richard // N2GBR…

Sorry, I’m back home now. I ended up in PA without any Internet connectivity :astonished: so I only activated what I had information on. Also, I had the family with me and they were getting cranky so… :grinning:

Ok, understood. … let us know when you’re heading over again and we’ll give you some more summit picks…
Richard // N2GBR

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