Message for ON3WAB

Thanks for the spot on sotawatch this evening while I was activating Burton Hill (G/WB-020). Nice to know my signal was getting out of England & Wales. I find 60M works well for a quick activation at odd times; with it being channelised there is often someone listening. However I am also aware it is elitist? with not everybody having access, so sorry we could not work each other.

And thanks to all the other 15 stations I worked over the snatched half an hour. I am working in Hereford this week, and we finished at 5PM, so while the others four from work had a meal and went to the pub, I popped out to Burton Hill and had a very pleasant half hour activation at dusk. I don’t think the people I work with quite understood.


My pleasure, Richard, you sounded great. usually at this time of the day signales tend to get weaker on 60M but I had no prblem copying you.

Glad my report was of use to you.

73, de Peter, ON3WAB, now ON2WAB