Merchandise Survey

I would like to know if there is any demand for new branded merchandise available through the SOTA shopping site.
The garments would all have embroidered logos rather than screen printed, the keyring would be hard enamel similar to our existing enamel badges and the callsign badge would be engraved acrylic and can be personalised with Name, Callsign and (if qualified) Mountain Goat or Shack Sloth.
The poll will close in time for me to analyse the results prior to the next monthly report

  • Full zip Fleece - approx cost £22
  • 1/4 zip Fleece - approx cost £22
  • Sweatshirt - approx cost £17
  • Engraved Callsign Badge - approx cost £6
  • Enamel Keyring - approx cost £4.50

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Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager


An example of the engraved callsign badge (they used to be readily available at rallies - not now) is shown below:



Has the wee climber fallen off the mountain? Or has he used his mountain goat ability and bounded off with one ‘giant’ leap for goat-kind!


No he’s still there Jack - just a little further up than we are used to seeing him!

Nice badge in any case Barry! I just got a new badge made at Friedrichshafen unfortunately otherwise I would be ordering one.

73 Ed.

Oh now I see him Ed. Poor wee thing all the excretion must have had him loose a few lbs/kgs. Needs a good feed for next badge - hi!


I have an appointment with my local optician - willing to step aside to let an OM have it instead :grinning:

To put things into perspective - the badge overall is 76 mm x 26 mm and the “mountain” triangle base: 16 mm elevation:16 mm so the “wee Mannie” is rather tiny (about 2.5 mm tall, slightly shorter than me :smiling_imp:)

I tried a laser-engraved version of the logo a while back. To get the best result the logo needed a little simplification. I can’t imagine how your man has climbed out of the “sweet spot” though.

Because I am useless with graphics? :confused:

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Have you considered hooded full zip fleece?

That was one option I looked at but the wholesale price, embroidered, was too high. If there is sufficient demand I will look into providing this option next year
Barry GM4TOE

Can you say more about the sweatshirt? Material, hood or not, etc.

If I were to stock it the spec would be:

Brushed 50%Polyester 50% Cotton
300gsm weight
Set-in sleeve
No hood

However, previous experience shows that sweatshirts are not that popular and, because I have to purchase at least 30, I would rather stock items which most folks want - hence the survey.

More minor point - I have to negotiate with the xyl for storage space and that can be “costly” :slight_smile:

I have now closed the poll.
Will see about finalising which items we can provide and their final cost
Thanks for your input

Barry GM4TOE

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