Mendocino National Forest - Two Hams and Two (or three) Summits

AA0BV (Joe) and W1EJ (Ed) are headed for Mendocino National Forest to activate two or maybe three summits. Follow us on APRS AA0BV-2.
Leaving Sonoma County at 1200z with the first summit (W6/CC-010) Anthony Peak eta 1700. If traffic and the forest roads are good we might get there early.
If we are early and have good results our second summit could be (W6/NC-446) West Log Spring Ridge eta 1900. I tried to get to this summit two months ago but was blocked by a washed out road. I think I have found an alternate/better route.
Third summit for trip, or second if we can not get to West Log Spring Ridge is (W6/CC-006) Black Butte eta 2100.

Yesterday Ed (W1EJ) and I left Rohnert Park at 5:00 AM local and returned at 9:00 PM local after successful activations on Anthony Peak (W6/CC-010), West Log Spring Ridge (W6/NC-446), and Black Butte (W6/CC-006). Total driving distance about 400 miles. Three very different summits.

Anthony Peak is a fire lookout site. The retired fire lookout building is very well preserved, recently painted, well maintained. This is a drive up summit with a picnic table for an operating position and a bathroom. We arrived early, activated quickly and headed to West Log Spring Ridge.

West Log Spring Ridge is a hour’s drive to the east from Anthony Peak. We used a GPS tracker to identify the summit; a ridge about 50’ elevation and 100 yards hike above the road. The road is in the activation zone. This ridge is a park like area with little brush and nice trees to hang a wire or attach a mast. Ed activated quickly, but I took a lot longer.

The road to the Black Butte trail head is a return to the road leading to Anthony peak then about an hour drive almost due south. Turned off the main road to the Black Butte Scenic Trail and drove to about half a mile from the summit with a 500’ elevation change. Nice trail to the top, although steep the switchbacks allowed an easy ascent. At the top is a rocky prominence. Ed set up for HF and I used my HT. Good results for both; including contacts on 2m and one on 70cm with my HT.

At 5:00 PM local we packed up and returned to the car. Managed to make the journey home by 9:00 PM local.

A great day on the summits, three different summits, three different activations, great company, great chasers and beautiful scenery along the way and on the summits.

I hope you played some music en route. Linda Rondstadt’s version of “Talk to me of Mendocino” would be suitable soul food.


Or Michael Holm’s “Mendocino” (beware, it’s Schlager!)?

Andrew, your music is more in keeping to the Mendocino we visited last year!


There are a couple of summits not far from the pictured Mendocino; not very high but with great views of the coast. Mendocino National Forest with many summits is to the east, inland, rugged and majestic.