Mega Activation WA7JTM-W7A starts tomorrow


I am heading out tomorrow, June 10th, to activate from 9 to 12 summits in four days(all but two summits are 10 pointers). On Friday Jim, K7JFD, will join me, and we will do five more 10 point summits. Of those activated on Friday I will likely only operate one or two of them, since I activated them last year. So we are looking at about 15 different 10 point summits in the next four days from Arizona.

Tuesday: 3-4 summits, WA7JTM
Wednesday: 4-5 summits, WA7JTM
Thursday: 1-3 summits, WA7JTM (clean-up day…whatever I missed)
Friday: up to 5 summits, K7JFD (5 summits), WA7JTM (1-2 summits)

I will always start out on 20M CW (14.0622) then move to 7.0332 CW. This should give the more local stations time to see we are on the air and be on 40M soon.

I will try Six meters after that if it is open. Then on to the next summit. Time on each summit will be limited to about 30 minutes, but I will try and work everyone calling me.QRX for all reference numbers, and please spot me with that number if u can.

The only fly in the ointment is this: The Arizona forests are very dry…they could close them at any moment.

Saturday look for us (WA7JTM multi-op) during the June VHF Contest. We will be on 6/2/432 from DM53 at 9300 ft ASL.

C U from the peaks


In reply to WA7JTM:
Quite Good ! it’s look like wonderful trip.
73 QRO

In reply to WA7JTM:

Will you be operating any SSB?

In reply to K7TEJ:
I will try to get on 7130 SSB today after I finish up on 40 CW on each summit.