MEGA Activation W7A starts June 8th


Starting June 8th 2015, at apx 1700 UTC, WA7JTM (Pete) and K7JFD (Jim) will begin to activate up to 18 different W7A (and W5N?) summits in five days. Most summits are 10 point peaks. The summit order is in question so listen up for the Reference Number.

Here is the MEGA Activation Plan Summary:
Monday: 4 summits
Tuesday: 4 summits
Wednesday: off day planned (but we could activate if the fishing is REALLY bad)
Thursday: 4-5 summits
Friday: K7JFD 2 summits, WA7JTM 3 summits

On Friday Jim and I will activate 2 or 3 summits each separately (so up to Five different summits will be activated between us on Friday).

We will be operating TWO simultaneous stations. K7JFD will operate on 10, 20, and 40 CW-SSB and WA7JTM will operate on 12,15,17 and 30M CW. The time on each summit will be limited to about 30 minutes. Please work us both if u can on at least one band.

APRS: we may be on APRS as K7JFD

For additional information please check out our alerts in SOTAwatch (our MO: band plan, and frequencies for each operator).

Saturday and Sunday look for us using the call WA7JTM during the ARRL June VHF Contest. We will be on 6/2/432 from DM53 at 9300 ft ASL on a SOTA Summit…unfortunately not in the activation zone however).

C U from the peaks


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