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Meet an activator or chaser in southern Spain?

Between 22 Feb and 2 March I will be in Marbella on Spain’s southern coast and hope to do activations in EA7 and possibly EA4, EA5 (maybe an overnight trip?) and/or CT (again, maybe an overnight trip?).
I would be pleased to meet with any local activators (joint activations?) or chasers while I am there.
If you are interested, please get in touch with me at aa1mi [[[at]]] arrl [[[dot]]] net.
73, hpe CU

Hi Paul,
EA4 is a bit far from Marbella, even the most southern provinces…
In the event that of you get to Madrid, please drop me a line.
Best 73

Hi Paul

The closest CT SOTA summit is 400km away from Marbella.
If you decide to visit Lisbon, email me.
I would be pleased to meet you here.

Pedro, CT1DBS