mcHF QRP transceiver in action

In most of my activities, I used my homebrew mcHF successfully. It’s developed and offered by Chris, m0nka
Check out the short videos.
DM/NS-121 mode freeDV

73 Chris


Thanks for posting these. I still would like to see more people who have built this project. I gather the enclosure is not part of the kit?

I just started building the full kit with all the smd to solder

The enclosure was purchased on ebay

73 Karel ON4FI

I have just build the full kit. The transceiver is working perfectly! I am still waiting for the enclosure from China. And I ordered the final fets by Funkamateur. I now have two IRF510 as final fets temporarily. I setup the ARM compiler tool chain under Linux and I can compile the firmware. What I like to add to the software is a CW decoder.

I think I sell my FT-817nd and use this mcHF radio for SSB/CW SOTA and portable use. I think I keep using my MTR 3B when weight is important.

It’s a very very nice radio! The spectrum/waterfall display is great! If there is one minus then it’s the receive current of about 410 mA. The linear regulators (8V and 5V) are getting very hot. On a cold summit you can warm your hands with the mcHF hi. I will experiment to replace the linear regulators with switched regulators. Hopefully this does not add too much noise. The radio it self is consuming about 2 Watt. The regulators have to dissipate more then 3 Watts. If I use switched regulators I think the receive current will be around 160 mA at 13.8V.

My perfect SOTA radio would be the mcHF with the size of the MTR 3B :slight_smile:

73 Erwin PA7N