McCurdy Mtn W0/FR-025 - pics

Slideshow of our adventure:

Video coming soon!

73, Steve

Hi Steve!

Absolutely great, I’m going to look for a goat! :slight_smile:
I look forward to the video.

73! Petr OK1FFU

In reply to OK1FFU:
…they’re herd animals you need two goats! Just one will be unhappy. =D

73, Steve

In reply to WG0AT:

Really nice album dear STEVE !
Thanks again for these all pictures.
73 QRO

In reply to WG0AT:

Great slideshow Steve, looking forward to the video. As your trip was originally intended for 2 summits over 2 days, were R or P carrying any lightweight solar panels to charge your LiFe batteries ?


Robert G0PEB

Steve - we are great fans of Rooster & Peanut here in GI-land. When Holywood makes the movie I guess it’ll have be Clint Eastwood as “The Activator” or how about “Any Which Way But Down”?