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Hi all,

At Sunday,Wednesday and Thuesday i was sota-activ from local summits…
the summits at the weekdays are no new ones this year , but at weekdays i haven´t the time to drive far , because in this week i work in the afternoon and have limited time. but the activations was ok with chasers on all bands.

Here for info about activity from different DXCC´s :
22/07/2007 DM/BW-161 with act. time from 1356 - 1721utc and 95 qso´s

RIG : 60m LW in NW/SE direction. 15watts on cw , 15watts on ssb
40m-cw = 5 x DL, 4 x HB9, 1 x PA, 1 x G, 1 x OK, 1 x F = 13qso
40m-ssb= 15 x G, 7 x DL, 2 x OE, 1 x DL = 25qso
30m-cw = 5 x G, 3 x DL, 3 x F, 2 x OM, 2 x EI, 2 x HA, 1 x ON, 1 x OZ, 1 x LY,
1 x SP, 1 x I = 22qso
20m-cw = 3 x G, 1 x DL = 4qso
20m-ssb= 25 x G !!, 3 x DL, 3 x F = 31qso

25/07/2007 DM/BW-158 with act. time from 0826 - 0955utc and 72 qso´s

RIG : Doublet 2 x 26m ( 8m over the ground as inv.V.) 5watts on cw , 10watts on ssb
80m-cw = 10 x DL, 4 x HB9, 2 x F, 1 x OK = 17qso
40m-cw = 8 x G, 8 x DL, 4 x F, 3 xPA, 2 x ON, 2 x HA, 1 x OZ, 1 x I , 1 x SM
= 30qso
40m-ssb= 11 x G = 11qso
30m-cw = 5 x G, 2 x DL, 1 x EI, 1 x OE, 1 x F, 1 x LY = 11qso
20m-ssb= 3 x G = 3qso

26/07/2007 DM/BW-194 with act. time from 0831 - 1012utc and 68qso´s

RIG : Doublet 2 x 26m ( 5m over the ground as inv.V. ) 5watts cw , 10watts ssb
80m-cw = 5 x DL, 2 x HB9 , 1 x ON = 8qso
40m-cw = 10 x G, 8 x DL, 6 x F, 3 x HB9, 2 x EI, 2 x PA, 1 x I, 1 xOE, 1 x OZ,
1 x HA, 1 x ON, 1 x SP, 1 x SM = 38qso
40m-ssb= 8 x G = 8qso
30m-cw = 5 x G = 5qso
20m-ssb= 7 x G, 1 x OZ, 1 x DL = 9qso

Hope see on the summits…73


In reply to 2E0HJD:
Hi Mick,
think propagation this time is the reason for the good signals on 20m.
i will edit the used antennas and rig in the thread above…

vy 73 Klaus

In reply to DF2GN:

230 contacts from 3 activations, I am impressed, Klaus - I usually feel I have done well to get 12 on 2 metres! Your signals are usually comparable with the fixed stations in Germany, nobody would know you were portable!

Well done and thanks for the points!

Brian G8ADD

In reply to DF2GN:
Hi Klaus - impressive totals. Notice you just list G’s, but wonder if this includes my fellow operators here in GM? (different country from G of course) Always nice to know how active we are on the SOTA scene - hi!

SOTA-onwards and upwards!!


Jack (;>)

In reply to GM4COX:
Hi Jack,
ohh sorry :wink: i take all uk-activators under G…
will correct that soon…

vy 73 Klaus

hmmm M3 and 2E is only under G ?

In reply to DF2GN:

In reply to GM4COX:
Hi Jack,
ohh sorry :wink: i take all uk-activators under G…
will correct that soon…

vy 73 Klaus

hmmm M3 and 2E is only under G ?

Klaus, it is a little bit confusing…

England can be G,M,2E

Scotland GM,MM,2M

Wales GW,MW,2W

All mainland UK, but all seperate countries.

Then GI Northern Ireland the Islands…GD, GJ, etc

Then special events callsigns also GB,GX etc

Phew confusing;-)

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to GW0DSP:
Hi Mike!

Yes confusing to amateurs outside the UK and possibly within the UK no doubt? You can see our prefix format was designed by the inevitable ‘committee’ - hi!

Interesting discussions in RadCom over the last few months in that all the countries that sort of make up the UK are a ‘subset’ of G or M or 2. In reality as I understand it my ‘true’ callsign is G4COX but just that I happen to live in Scotland so am obliged to add the 'M. The benefit is of course that I don’t have to sign G/GM4COX when I operate in England or in other parts of the UK. Again confusing to operators outside the UK when they look-up G4COX in

C’est La Vie!

Jack (;>)