Mathis is born!

Hi all !
Not SOTA info but the pleasure to announce you the birth of my son MATHIS on May 11th at 01H20 local ! Now back home, his mother & himself are quite well :wink:

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Many Congratulations to you and your XYL Chris.
Now your sleepless nights will really begin.

73 Roy G4SSH

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Brian G8ADD

Congratulations to Chris and the XYL, on having the baby.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Félicitations à vous deux ! longue vie au futur grimpeur !

Alain F6ENO

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Congratulations Chris…

Now you will have an excuse to be up late at night DX’ing. My daughter used to be with me having a feed when I worked many interesting stations in the middle of the night!

GL 73 Marc G0AZS

Congratulations to you both,
A bonny boy Chris. Well done, another SOTA op for sure!

73 Jeff G4ELZ

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Congratulations to you and your XYL. I hope to hear a CW signal from Mathis in a few years!!

73 Pete EI7CC

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73, Milos S57D

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Massive congratulations to you both and good health & a fun life to little Mathis.

My own daughter is a year old at the end of this month, time flies but every second is a joy to behold!

Good Luck and good wishes.


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Good health to all of your family!

73! Alex UT4FJ

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Many congratulations to you and your family Chris. Hope you do not have too much QRM at night! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

Roger MW0IDX

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Congratulations to you, your XYL, Eva and Mathis!



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Congratulations to you and your XYL. Later on may be with a second operator.

"Frank" ,DL2EF

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Bonjour Chris
Felicitation pour cet evenement.
Toutes mes cordiales 73 a toute la famille.
Andre - f5ukl

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Bonjour Chris
Voila une bien belle nouvelle! beaucoup de bonheur au QRA, avec le petit boutchou!
je pense que c’est la grande soeur sur la photo, qui à l’air aussi radieuse de cette arrivée que les parents!
amitiés à toute la petite famille,
73’s qro

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Hello Chris,

A large bouquet of flowers for the Xyl !
Enjoy … he will soon grown-up within a few years and yes, I see it, Mathis will be a SOTA aktivator ! Congratulations to your Xyl and yourself, Eva and of course Mathis !


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Eh ben ! Félicitations à toute la famille.
Maintenant, il nous reste à organiser un S2S entre Mathis et Maxime. hi !
73 QRO et encore BRAVO !

In reply to all:
Many thanks to all of you for your answers & wishes ! I try to appear on the bands but very difficult & short time at the moment… HI
CU soon.
Chris F8DZY.