Marked with a '*' in the Points column

If an entry isIf an entry is marked with a ‘*’ in the Points column , this indicates that an exact match has been found. - In the Database ‘My Results’ ‘My Chaser Log’ table this seems no longer to work. Have I missed an annoucment or has it been removed?

Hi Damian


Not that I have any involvement, but I have followed the discussion.

The star didn’t really add anything - it wasn’t necessary to confirm contacts, and apparently it led to people massaging their data to get a star, rather than logging exactly what happened. Fake data, not good folks. Um.

So the star has set.


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Yes it has been removed.

The asterisk has been removed but the text which explains what it would mean if it hadn’t been hasn’t been.

Perhaps the tantalizing “Note 1” should go too.