Mark AE1MS Reaches Super Sloth!

Many, many congratulations to Mark, @AE1MS for reaching 10,000 chaser points yesterday!

Well done, and I’ll look forward to many more chases both from home as well as when you and Jean are up on yalls next summit!

Michael, N4DCW


Thank you, Michael. SOTA is really a great activity, and I (and Jean/AE1JS) appreciate everyone’s support! I always look forward to your activations and chases!


Congratulations Mark on achieving Super Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congrats Mark. That takes a lot of time to achieve.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Good work Mark!
Scott NZ4R

Congratulations Mark, that’s a lot of chasing! I appreciate every time you’ve chased me, and I look forward to more!

Andy, N4LAG

Good job, Mark! Always good to hear you on the radio.
73 Gary

Congrats Marc. I always appreciate you and Jean being there when I’m on a summit.

Congrats Marc. I always appreciate you and Jeanne being there when Im on a summit

Congrats Mark. My family and I always appreciate you and Jean chasing us.

-Dan, Carol, and Noah

Congratulations Mark! Thanks for all the chases! Bob AC1Z

Congratulations, Mark!
Mountain Goat AND Super Sloth!
Walt NE4TN

Way to go, Mark! Thanks to both you and Jean for all of the chases from the home QTH or from a summit!

73, pat

Congratulations Mark! I’m nearly halfway to S S myself. 73 John G0MHF.

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Congrats Mark! Alwats good to chase and be chased by you and Jean

Congrats Mark !

Congrats Mark !

Congrats Mark! Thanks for the summit today!

Kent K9EZ

Nice work Mark :beers:

Congratulations Mark - wow - what an accomplishment

Ariel NY4G