Maritime mobile net

Morning peoples. :angry:

 Feeling some what annoyed from what i have just heard on 14313. now surely if a freq is in use, its in use you can't just barge in there and say cease all CW ops, this is the MMN starting up. To me that is bug off and were taking over. That,s damn sight rude. Surely if they listen proper like, they would have noted its a small activation and would not been on air much longer.

Like other day wanted to work an ON ON sota on a said freq on 40m other day. Freqs in use with a couple UK gents having chat. Do i tell them to move on so I can work the on/on, NO its not done freq is in USE I am taught and respect those that already on there.

Mind you was interesting listening to the CW banging away and gathered it was the VK6 sota in action.


Hi Karl, I started the CW on .313, Could hear only a very occasional blip of John on SSB so when all was quiet, I gave him a quick call on CW and got an instant reply. Quick qso then heard a few EU ops also calling on CW. Put a spot out for John on that frequency on SSB mode.

By our WIA band plan, CW is a permissible mode across all of 20 metres so no problems with CW here. IARU Region 3 stipulates a 14.300 Centre of Activity plus or minus 5kHz all modes.

The issue is always to show courtesy to others and in sharing. A polite request to qsy due to a regular activity about to commence will generally bring positive results.
I did not hear the MMN so no comment there: By that time I was fixing up my 2 metre antenna for this weekends activations.
Good to have you listening and improving your CW skills perhaps :smiley_cat:
Cheers Tony VK3CAT

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(1) Perhaps the MMN guys could not read Morse, so they would not know what the CW activity was.

(2) I agree with Karl on this one. Nobody has prior right to a frequency, whether it is a “regular activity” or not. If the usual net frequency is already in use, the net controller should find an alternative frequency which is clear. End of story.

(3) It is true that there is no objection to using CW on any frequency within the 20m band. That applies here in Europe too.

Walt (G3NYY)

The MMN is notorious for its arrogant operation and has been for many years, you often get complaints about it on American sites like the “Zed”.


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[quote=“M3FEH, post:1, topic:11627”]this is the MMN starting up[/quote]The MMN (sometimes claimed to be the Maritime Mobile Net by those involved with it, though reports from listeners have cast some doubt on this at times) have a bit of a reputation (going back decades; drop “MMN 14.313” into your favourite search engine) for that kind of behaviour on that frequency, unfortunately. The “One Big Knob” solution is usually the easiest… :frowning:

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I hardly think calling the MMN people by an insulting name will help the situation long term. Though it may make people affected by their arrogance and intransigence feel better at the time.

Oh sorry; you mean tune to another frequency. I though meant call them a big… :blush:


They all use receivers as wide as a barn door, so they complain at stations which are well away from them. From listening most stations ignore them and carry on calling. I have had it aimed at me on one occasion and it knocked my confidence, I think Ricks description is accurate :wink:


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I’m afraid it’s not known as the 20m zoo for nothing, Walt. Early one morning, about a year ago, I was foolish enough to be working a VK pile-up on 313, when up popped the MMN and asked if I would be good enough to QSY! When I suggested, their net QSY as I’d been on frequency for over half an hour. He spat his dummy out and then said “enjoy your pile-up!”

73 Mike

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I have to say that I agree with the comments made - it is most unfortunate that people become possessive of a frequency and feel that they own it by virtue of using it for regular scheds or nets. I have had this occur to me on numerous occasions - and not just on 20m. Particularly when they are rude about it, I tend to become very stubborn and stay on the frequency and continue my use of it. Excuses of “but nobody will know where we have gone to if we use a different frequency” or “Joe blow only has a crystal radio and cannot use another frequency” hold no water for me when I get my hackles up!


Actually that frequency is such a cesspit that it is now forbidden to mention their goings-on on the Zed! All decent hams avoid it like the plague!


Sadly, 14.313 has collected a group of rude, crude people who should not even be on the air. It is a cesspool.

Last year, two US hams were cited for their behavior there.

The Maritime Mobile Service net is on 14.300, not 14.313. They do seem unnecessarily protective of “their” frequency. They start a net on the hour during daylight hours (North America), but they should let go of the frequency after the net.


Hi all…

there is a German Ham-Net running already for years at 14313 kc…
But as mentioned before there is no right to “own” a certain QRG.
A lot of sailors are happy about this Network and the given information.

here the website ( exist probably only in German):

73 de Franz

Frequencies like this, 14.313 are excellent, they congregrate many of the poeple you dont want to associate with in one place so they are easier to avoid. There are some CB channels that do this as well so that the rest of the CB channels are good to use. We should encourange the use of 14.313 for these purposes.


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When I was in EI in July I was told when up around 14.313, Think time was about 07:45 UTC. That a maritime net was about to start at 08:00 on that frequency AND PLEASE QSY. It was by an OH station. I did work him a few mins later and said I would qsy before 08:00. I qsy’ed to 40 meters a few minutes early but had a bit of a chuckle before I went as he was busy calling CQ maritime net and no one coming back to him, yet it was so urgent to get me off the frequency.

John VK6NU