Marilyns - A new one

Recent news from the RHB folks includes a new Marilyn in GM land. See their news extract below this post. They are really getting active on surveys at the moment and expect more updates to come in the future.

73 Marc G0AZS


1)Creag na Criche (1A, NN986350). Reascent = 150.85+/-0.10m, previously 148m. Promoted from sub-Marilyn to Marilyn

  1. Creag an t-Sithein (6B, NO031658). Reascent = 147.9+/-0.10m, previously 148m. Sub-Marilyn status retained.

3)Moel y Gaer (30C, SJ210690). Height = 303.7m. Checked to see if this replaced the new Marilyn Mynydd y Cwm but does not exceed its height of 304.8m.

  1. Gamallt (31B, SN955709). Reascent = 147.4+/-0.1m, previously 148m. Sub-Marilyn status retained.

  2. Hill of Tillymorgan (21B, NJ652348). Reascent = 152.95+/-0.10m, previously 153m. Marilyn status retained.

  3. Seat Sandal (34C, NY343115). Reascent = 151.85+/-0.1m, previously 150m. Marilyn status confirmed.


Hi Marc,

Due to another new scotish marilyn, Andy MM0FMF will have to add a new SS summit as well as the new SI summit.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:

The new SI Marilyn is in the draft GM ARM. Publication of that has been delayed by pressure of work (that’s why I was working Sunday and not walking) and also because I want to flesh out some of the sections which have no content, such as the section dealing with access rights! :wink:

I’ve been so busy this morning I’ve only just logged in to SOTAwatch just now so I could announce the new SS Marilyn only to find I’ve been beaten to it!


Looks like there could be a number of changes on the way with the detailed and systematic review of everything between P147 and P153 being conducted by the RHB surveyors.

We could have s little sweep to forecast the next announced change!

I’ll go for the demotion of Arnside Knott LD-058 to submarilyn status!