March 2020 Association Updates

An advance warning that the usual 1st March Association updates will be delayed because of the DB switchover work. There is enough going on that finding time to do the changes will have to wait a few weeks.

Associations affected include LU/LUP (most of the new summits), G ( a few position tweaks), GM (winter bonus start/end date change), ZL3 (winter bonus height change). I’m not sure if Simon and the team have anything else lined up yet.

With some good luck, these may be done around 16th March but until the switchover is in place I’m not guaranteeing anything.

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Good luck with the database switch-over. Here’s hoping it goes smoothly.

73 Ed.

To my mind, there should be a small update for DM in the queue containing reactivation of three summits and small corrections for another two.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

I knew there was something else Michael, I think Simon is travelling or he would have prompted me. Yes, a small DM update will be in the list as well.

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This is good news, Michael. Pom, DG7ACF was actively involved, thanks also to him.
73 Chris

… not completely unselfish as one of the summits is my favourite Tuesday Night summit. :star_struck:


Any news about the March updates? With 8 days till April I assume the will be done together with the April updates.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Sorry Michael other events have played with schedules. Yes, we’ll roll March in to April but we forgot to announce that!