March 2019 Association Updates

Hello everybody.

This month’s updates bring two new associations, but first some news of minor updates:

  • New summits is FL/VO (FL/VO-169 to FL/VO-175)
  • New summits in TK (TK/TK-162 to TK/TK-166)
  • ZL1 has a few tweaks, including replacement of ZL1/MW-133
  • Z3 has a new name!
  • There are some personnel changes to TI
  • G has some small position tweaks and elevation refinements

Now the new ones:

PT2 Brazil - Federal District

This has 4 summits around the Brazilian capital. Welcome to Glauber, PT2AC !

4O Montenegro

Montenegro is divided into three regions:

  • IC - Istok Crne Gore
  • JC - Jug Crne Gore
  • ZC - Zapad Crne Gore

Welcome to Dragan, 4O4A !

Many thanks to Fric, YU1WC, for the great assistance he has given to me, Csaba and the 4O team on development.

Thanks also to Zaro, E73DU, whose maps filled in a few gaps in coverage.

I should mention that 4O has displaced 3 summits previously listed. Two summits on the YU border will receive new 4O references. E7/BO-001 has also had to be replaced. This might surprise some people as this border summit was acknowledged to be the highest point in E7. This remains true, of course, but topographic prominence takes no account of political boundaries. So finding a slightly higher summit (just a few metres higher) on another part of the Maglić massif, within 4O, means that the border summit is subsidiary and can’t be included in SOTA.

Enjoy the new summits :grinning: :mountain:


That’s everything done apart from a few messy tweaks to resolve some issues in W5A (names or refs wrong). If you are going to activate in W5A, just go and do it and don’t worry. I will sort out which summits you actually did when I fix the issues. G update data vanished on me but is now located and will be pushed soon.

PT2 is not yet included in the DB All PY virtual association, it will get included in the next update in a few days. The summits are in the DB so you can activate and chase.

Also an update to JA to restore missing summit JA/MG-052.