Mapping on Sotawatch Not Working

It appears that the mapping on SOTAWATCH is not working right now. When I click on Map, it says to check back later.

I just tried the direct link to SOTA Mapping Project (SOTAWatch is just the spotting and alerting site):

it’s giving the same error, so it’s not a SOTAWatch issue.


P.S. I moved the message into the correct category on the reflector.

Maybe someone should tell the guy who runs it as well as posting messages on here?

There’s every possibility Rob may not be looking on here because he’s busy doing something but unaware there is a problem if nobody mails him or texts him or whatever.

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Luckily I am on here at the moment, and have been following all day with growing unease the gradual demise of the server on which (and are hosted :anguished:. So now it’s died a death of sorts, and I guess I’ll have to try to contact the hosting company, but they’re not the easiest people to reach :confounded:

EDIT - I’m in touch with the hosting company right now via their Live Chat with an operative in Mumbai… Hmm, it would appear that the account has been deactivated. I am urged to make some changes to scripts in order to avoid hitting resource limits.

Apparently, they sent me an email this morning informing me of this decision, and at the same time deactivated the account. So, sotamaps is, for the moment, unavailable.

Bummer! Just to show solidarity, the DB server is misbehaving regularly after the update. Not that users can see, but just to annoy the bejesus out of the admin (me!).

Bummer indeed: I’ve just opened a new topic to inform people of this, ahem, “development”.

I have an idea to quickly port the code of the present version of sotamaps to the test server, run by your good selves which currently holds the newest, and presently not-yet-live incarnation of the SMP.

Should we continue this discussion in PM mode?

Yes and with our friend who is upside down in VK!

Indeed that was my intention…

:+1: Because it’s so much more fun for him to know we have a plethora of borked servers whose borkage is a result of the hosting company actions (yours and mine) and not us!

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Yes, borkage… a new and splendid word added to my vocabulary.

I did notice this morning, while working on some issues with sotamaps, that the hosting company’s error logs were being filled with hundreds of errors arising out of their own server being unable to access/run a small script written by themselves to call a command-line tool to run another script of theirs to handle server “500” errors. Strong smell of fish there…

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Actually, I’m right way up right now in Boston, trying to sort out our end for you guys. Means I get less dizzy :wink: