Mapping feature question /suggestion

Hi Rob,

I guess the hover feature is probably done with a mouseover javascript event? There isn’t really an equivalent of mouseover for a mobile device as far as I know. If I “select” a line of the display with a finger, there is a small popup which indicates the data I was “selecting”, but no direction indications.

I have never been able to get the same mouseover data using either the phone or ipad, as I get when I mouseover an activation on the main sotawatch site. I quite like the display of operator name, but selecting the activation on either of my IOS devices does not display that on the target page. Might be different for Android powered devices.


73 Andrew VK1DA

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Hi Andrew,

OK on the hover thing - not having one of these devices, I wasn’t sure of hover-tooltips availability. Now removed them, and also introduced an extra dynamic column showing the compass direction (the “NNW”-type direction).

The dynamic columns thing can be useful when the screen-width changes; for example, when the device is rotated between portrait and landscape orientation. So, the more horizontal screen space, the more information is displayed.

Now, I know that hardly anybody will use this thing, but it helps to pass the time of day for me here…



the problem with handheld devices is that all interaction is with a fingertip, which is as accurate as a potato, to repurpose someone’s comment about drawing with a mouse.

Some functions like “select” are triggered by pressing on a word, so the mouseover option available with a mouse is already taken.

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Andrew VK1DA

Hi Andrew,
Add to that the fact that rain water is running off the smart phone and any kind of entry or selection is difficult.