Map Question

Just curios where the location data comes from for this map. A couple of my contacts didn’t show up. Is it because they do not have a SOTA account or if they have one they did not enter their location in their account?


Exactly that. But this feature is according to my knowledge being improved in the future.

But you can still use the activation map feature on the Activations - list and display on map SOTA activations -
page. This usually shows more as it falls back to user provided locators.

73 Joe


Thanks, Joe, I kind of thought I was on the right track and your answer confirms it.

Ron, NR3E :hiking_boot:

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There’s an added complication when you’re away from home, too. I occasionally chase the odd SOTA activation from Kenya using 5Z4/M0LEP, but there’s no way I can tell the SOTA system about the distinctly different location (KI88jp in this case), as there’s only space for one…

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Thinking about this from a purely data-centric point of view, it would be possible in such cases to generate a default position based on the country. There exist online tables or data sets of center-of-country positions (example), which could be used as a last resort by a programmer intent on showing as many chaser locations as possible.

A further complication is presented by the fact that many people change their QTH from time to time: if a chaser’s QTH information is recently updated, it may not reflect where they were 5 years ago when they made a QSO with an activator. One way around that would be to include an extra field for the “current chaser locator” in the database table which stores each chaser/activator QSO. But, seriously, who in their right mind would go to all that trouble?

To my mind, what we have right now in the collection of SOTA applications is a pretty good option for the price we pay.