Manuel HB9DQM/P gave me the 14000th chaser point yesterday

Manuel HB9DQM/P was activating HB/AR-008 yesterday and I chased him from home on 30m.
When I uploaded my chases of the day into the database, I realised that my chaser points were exactly 14000.
I found it pretty cool and I just wanted to let you know.
Best 73,



Congratulations Guru on your achievement! I’m glad to hear that I was a “round points” QSO for you :smile:

And thanks for the QSO on HB/SO-001 late yesterday; you and HB9BQU, CT1BQH, F5VHP saved me from having to stay any longer in the dark on a very windy summit (I could not put up the pole, so the EFHW was hanging about 2 meters above ground between two trees; RBN judged my sigs good, but I guess EU chasers are not used to finding activators an hour after dark ;)).

vy 73,

Manuel HB9DQM

Thanks Manuel.
I was very pleased to chase you again at HB/SO-001 late yesterday on 40m. Your 2m above the ground EFHW antenna was doing very well and your signal was very good on my homemade inverted vee bazooka dipole.
I had just arrived to the shack. I first called you on QRP 5 watts because I had been working like that the day before and the CAR knob had remained at such power, but you picked me up immediately. After your report, I came back to you with 100 watts, just to give you a more comfortable reception of my signal report to you :slight_smile:
Well, I hope to keep chasing you many more times in the future.