Manod Mawr GW/NW-035

Hi all, today was my first activation since lockdown. I decided a visit to Manod Mawr. The sun was blazing down and sky was clear.
I managed 12 qso’s including 3 S2S’s. Thank you all for a great day.


That’ impressive antenna! Is it home-made? I’m guessing you were using 2m FM. I had a quick try with 2m SSB last Sunday with a horizontal small yagi but had no replies. 2m FM seems very popular but it doesn’t work everywhere in my admittedly limited experience. Where it does it works well. Better than 2m SSB! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the summit Paul. Nice to have a chat with you again. I’m looking forward to the Telford rally this year so let’s hope it all goes to plan.

Compliments to the photographer and I hope the fish and chips were up to expectations😁

73 Allan

Hi John
Yes all home made. The dipole section box just has a coax choke inside soldered to an so239, there are two small sections of ally tube inside which I put an internal thread.
If I change from vertical to horizontal I have to move the dipole towards the reflector about 4 inches and the first director the same. That is the red and black tape to remind me

I was on FM during the photos but did use horizontal for two QSO’s

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Hi Allan
Yes great to speak to you again. It was a great day. We went back via Barmouth but every chip shop had a que of over 20 people in, so decided to drive home. I have never seen so many people there.

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