Malware in C:\Users\SOTA\AppData

Hi Sota Friends

My virus scanner has found and deleted in C:\Users\SOTA\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary
a malware called HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen’ [virus].

If I look at the root it may be come from a SOTA-App. Has anybody an idea about this virus?

tnx es 73 de HB9BIN, Jürg

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That path suggests to me that it was from some web site that you browsed, whilst logged on to the machine as a user called ‘SOTA’ and perhaps nothing to do with any SOTA-App.

Unless you have some sort of SOTA-App that runs using a service account on your Windows system.

Stewart G0LGS

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Dear Stewart
Tks for your hint. The strange thing is. It happened twice on two different PC. One of them is almost never hooked to the Internet.
tks es 73 de HB9BIN, Jürg

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It might not be a real virus Jürg. Sometimes virus scanners trip up with false positives and class something as a virus when it isn’t. You could try another virus scanner and see if that reports an issue.