Malen VE6VID 2nd Alberta Goat

Huge congrats to Malen, VE6VID, who today became Alberta’s (VE6/VA6) 2nd Goat, and only the 4th in Canada, on Square Butte VE6/RA-032. Trust me, he earned it the hard way.

Why so few VE6 Goats, you ask? Well, we don’t have drive-up summits here, and an average 4 - pointer typically involves a 3 or 4 km horizontal hike each way and 350 m of elevation gain. A not-so-average 4 - pointer, like VE6/RA-014, where VE6LEW and VE6JHH were today for some S2S action, would involve 630m gain and a pile of wind up top. And in Alberta, an 8 - pointer like Mt. Allan (VE6-JF-020) is well over 1000 m gain.

No soft touch, but we are blessed with stunning views and very few access restrictions. After this Covid-19 stuff is over, visiting activators are more than welcome to join us and see for themselves; we are a friendly, welcoming, bunch and have scenery to show you that you will not believe!

Way to go, “Sarge”; you are an inspirational activator! Thanks are due to all our regular chasers, of course – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! 73,


Way to go, Malen!
73, Paul HB9DST

Congratulations Malen on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations, Malen!
Glad I made it in your MG log.
73 Gary

Congratulations, Malen, and thanks for all the contacts!

73, Walt

Congratulations Malen! Bob AC1Z

Congrats, Malen! I missed you yesterday, but thanks for all the
activations old boy !
John, K6YK

Congratulations, Malen!
Ken, K6HPX

Congratulations Malen! Good work.
Charlie NJ7V

Congrats Malen, on your MG achievement. I missed you on your Goat summit. Thanks for all the activations from VE6 land.
73 Gary

Fantastic! Congratulations Malen.
73, Malcolm VE2DDZ

Congratulations, good job!

Congratulations, Malen! Glad you could pull my qrp signal out of the noise on your MG activation!
Peter KD0YOB

Thank you everyone.
SOTA is fun. I did a few activations before I knew there was SOTA.
3 years 7 months and 219 activations later I made it to MG.
Now onto my next goal, to try and catch more activators by doing more S2S’s.


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Congratulations Malen. Always glad to hear you on the bands.
Keep having fun.
de John Paul // AB4PP

Congrats, Malen. You definitely deserved to be MG!