Making Sense of my Points Summary

Apologies in advance. I’ve read the rules multiple times and not found the answer. I’ve searched the topics database and still have not found the answer. Please redirect me, forgive me, or both.

I am a new amateur radio operator and an even newer SOTA activator.

I struggle to make sense of my total points summary in reviewing my activation points.

With so many experts here, I am confident it’s me, not the program. But can anyone help me understand how a summit is scored? I understand the summit points’ value and prominence. But I don’t understand how I can receive two points for a 2-pointer and end up with four points or even 24 in the “total” column.

If I’ve done my math correctly, I’ve only activated 11 summits, yet I have 43 points. Can anyone help me understand how the points are tallied for a summit activation?

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Welcome to SOTA.

The numbers in the Total column are cumulative for the table under review.

Peter VK3ZPF


Got it. That clears things up. Thank you, Peter.

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