Making myself known

Despite being licensed for well over 40 years and an inveterate certificate chaser I have only very recently started down the SOTA route following a chance overhearing of a SOTA exchange on 5MHz. I am now urgently building a suitable dipole but was rather surprised to find that my 80m dipole matches & radiates quite well. Looking at the GW Honour Roll I can see that I have a long way to go to get towards the higher levels & look forward to the chase in addition to my other interests in DXCC IOTA etc.

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Hi Steve.

Welcome and thanks for calling me today whilst I was on Fan Gyhirych GW/SW-006. Good luck with your antenna building and I hope to hear you again in the very near future.

Thanks to all the chasers today…67 in the log from visits to 80/60/40 and 2m.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Welcome to the wonderful world of SOTA Steve. The addiction will soon kick in, hope to work you on the bands sometime.
Roger MW0IDX

Thanks to Alan & Roger for their kind remarks.
I was surprised to see that very many of the “GW” calls listed on the Honour Roll I had never heard of.
Perhaps I have spent too much time on IOTA & DXCC etc & need to broaden my horizons !

Hi Steve, I’m sure (hope) you’ll remember me. I primarily still move in WAB circles, but there’s a good chance our paths will cross, especially on 5MHz when I’m dabbling with SOTA and Trig Points.

Of course I remember you from our days with WAB !
I have 71 QSOs in my computerised log book both fixed & mobile & I see our last one was on 80m on the 25th Oct 2012 in a contest.(The first was on the 7th May 1979 !)
I made my very first ever QSO on 5mhz today & I am sure it will not be the last so look forward to catching up with you soon.

Judith & I best remember the visit to your farm when on a mobile run and the exhaust fell off the Allegro down the farm track. It wasn’t the only thing that fell off that heap of a car over time! Catch you on 5 megs!

Ah - those were the days - we moved from the farm many years ago & now enjoy the sea level air just outside Porthcawl !

Good morning Steve.

Personal I have a 40mb full wave loop with RG6 Tuned feeder to me MFJ and the FT450 and can tune the old girl in quite well from 160m to 10m expect 5mhz of course as me licence no cover the band.

It won’t take you long to start clocking up your score and enjoy the sota chasing. Most of the folks to whom activate the summits most are 5w to 10w stations only. And you be surprised on where and when you can hear them. It is great fun but addictive yet don’t know why or care why i just do it. And as you say among the chasing of IOTAs DXCC’s etc

The sota watch spot page is well handy but always when working the station on air to make sure something hasn’t changed from time of report to on air mistakes do happen

But well come to the nut house

Karl M3FEH SX45

Hi Karl,
Thanks for the advice & comments.
I have just finished building a dedicated 60m dipole but it is not yet up to a reasonable height.
Yes my score is progressing along but I have a long way to go !
I have found my way around the various SOTA resources (just qrx to work a 10 pointer !) which are very useful.
By the way I could use you as MK3FEH to complete my St Piran’s Award.
Any change of a sked on 40/80 ?

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Sounds good idea

Hoping to be portable this Friday from at least 3 WAB squares and G/DC-003 to be confirmed on day.


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