Magnetic Summits

Hi All,

I’m lucky enough to be leaving for the Isle of Canna at the end of June, with one of my housemates. We are going for a period of weeks (3ish) for a sort of “working holiday”. We’ll be pitching in with whatever we can in exchange for bed and board. All very exciting.

I’m obviously going to take the SOTA bag with me, but I am wondering about the magnetic properties of the geology on the island. I’m planning to do at (the very) least one activation of GM/SI-196 Carn a’Ghaill. The nearby Compass Hill is said to be able to pull a passing ship’s compass from 2 miles away. Will this have an effect on the magnetic component of my output? It’ll just be the '817, probably into a linked dipole, so QRP only.

Any and all thoughts welcome.

Dave 2W0BYA.