Made it at last

1000 points today

My thanks to all the activators I have worked and for geting me back onto CW.
Also to Steve 2E0KPO for his help in starting me on SOTA.

I have had 233 contacts at an avarage of 4.29. with 190 unique’s
My first on 29/02/2004 with GW1INK/P on Moel Famau, and my last with 2W0KPO/P on Long Mountain-Beacon Ring.

I am now setup for some activations and will be giving points back.

73 all G0AOD Dave

Hi Dave,

many congrats and thanks nice qso´s today.

vy 73 Klaus

Well done dave, it was great to give you the 1000’th.
Just 990 odd for the activator section now to go!!

In reply to 2E0KPO AND DF2GN:
Thank you both for so many points, and it was good to have you Steve as my last contact being from the same Radio Club and all. Find us at

73 dave

In reply to G0AOD:

Congratulations Dave and well done.

It’s always good to hear you in the pile-ups, or when I’m on a summit, thanks for our s2s also.

The next 1000 will be a little harder once the activating bug bites, hi.

73 Mike

In reply to G0AOD:
Hi Dave, congratulations well done, now need more of your activations along with Steve KPO and John JDK so I can get a few points, don’t think I will be able to do any activations but enjoy the chasing now I’ve got started.

Regards Roger M1CBO

In reply to G0AOD:

Congrats on the 1000 points and thanks for the contacts that we have had while I have been out activating, including those made yesterday.

Looking forward to catching you on an activation soon Dave.

73, Gerald

In reply to G0AOD:

Hi Dave
Congratulations on achieving SS, -looking forward very much to work you soon on your future activations. I remember being your first contact on your first activation on Bardon Hill, and hope I shall be adding my congrats when you attain Mountain Goat!!

Best 73


In reply to G0AOD:

Well done Dave, good to work you yesterday as a chaser and today as an activator!

Looking forward to many more of both

73 de Paul G4MD

In reply to G0AOD:

Many congratulations Dave on hitting the 1000 chaser points.


In reply to M3RHJ:
Congrats on the S,Sloth Dave, 73,Geoff.G4cpa

In reply to G4CPA:
Many congratulatios Dave on becoming a Shsck Sloth.

73 Graham G4JZF