M6YLH: My 1st SOTA: G/NP-004 on 09-08-11

M6YLH: My 1st SOTA: G/NP-004 on 09-08-11

2415 ft - 6 Points
WAB: SD78. IO84TF.
Accompanied by John G4YSS and my Son, Jack.
All times UTC.

IC-E90 Handheld, 5W to a half-wave vertical end-fed.

My 1st Summits On The Air activation was a success, despite being very nervous! This was actually my 11th mountain since I began walking up mountains with my Father-in-Law, John G4YSS, in March 2010. This was during the Winter Bonus, in which I expressed a desire to go to these places (as I’ve always been an outdoor person). John thought he would drop me in at the deep end and I climbed a very snowy Pen-y-Ghent for my 1st walk up a mountain. Over time, I got interested in getting my own Radio Amateur licence so I could also participate in this hobby. In May 2010, I struggled up Ben Nevis, but unfortunately I hadn’t got my licence so I sadly didn’t claim the 10 points!

We set off in John’s car at 06:05z from Irton, Scarborough and arrived approx. 09:05 parking the car near White Shaw Moss. After getting ready and strapping Jack into the child carrier that John carried, we set off walking at approx. 09:34z.

The ascent was very slow, due to John carrying Jack and the radio equipment for me and himself but mainly me as I have trouble with my joints and chronic back pain, making the ascent and descent very hard indeed. I try not to let it stop me getting out because I would just stiffen up and that wouldn’t be good at all. I have to walk through the pain and the desire to get to the summit and achieve my goal is fantastic in boosting my confidence.

Summit Conditions:
11 Deg C, Wind NW, about 15 mph. Quite sunny with bit of cloud.

We settled for a place by the wall not far from the trig point, near where some sand and cement bags had been dumped. John kindly set up my equipment for me while I tended to Jack (3.5 years old), who was complaining of tummy pains.

2m FM - 12 QSO’s:
Roger G4OWG gave me my 1st ever SOTA QSO on 145.450 but this frequency became occupied. The following stations were worked on 145.400: G1OHH, G4FPJ, G4OBK, G3OPW, M3LCZ, G6ODU, G4ZRP, M6DLT/P, G1KLZ, G4PF and also a Summit to Summit with Rob G0HRT/P on the neighbouring summit of Ingleborough NP-005! Mostly good signal reports of 59, though there was a couple of 52 from Roger G4OWG nr Leeds Bradford Airport, Brian G4ZRP in the Liverpool area and a 57 from Phil G4OBK in Pickering.

After the 12 QSO’s, it was my turn to occupy Jack while John called CQ on HF. Jack was still suffering with a poorly tummy, but that didn’t stop him throwing himself around and tripping over tussocks, etc!

We began our descent at 14:12 and it took 40 minutes. We finally arrived in Irton, Scarborough at approx. 17:52. Just as well it didn’t take any longer because within minutes of stepping through the door, Jack started with a bit of sickness.

The distance driven was 120 miles each way and we cut out York, Harrogate and Knaresborough both ways.

In Conclusion:
This was a very interesting and enjoyable activation and of course will help calm the nerves for next time. I feel that I have achieved something to be proud of. I am really pleased about the S2S contact from Ingleborough on my 1st SOTA activation. Of course, the company certainly helps make the ascent more bearable!

A great big THANK YOU to my spotter G4OWG and also to all stations worked for your kindness, support and understanding. Suddenly, I found my mind went blank and I temporarily forgot who I was, and what I was doing! HI! I’m afraid that my nerves got the better of me at times so I appreciated your words of encouragement.

73’s to everyone - it was a pleasure!
Hazel M6YLH

In reply to M6YLH:

Congratulations on your first ever SOTA activation from G/NP-004 Hazel.

I could not hear you, but heard many chasers replying on 145.400 MHz and the general comments were all positive, expressing the view that you handled the mini-pile up well and sounded confident on the Mic.

That is the first one over, so it is all downhill now. I can see that John will have to compete for the Mic on future expeditions.


In reply to G4SSH:

That is the first one over, so it is all downhill now.


If only that was true.



In reply to M6YLH:

Congratulations, Hazel.

Unfortunately we couldn’t hear you but we did hear Rob talking to you. Hope to work you soon on another summit.

Karen 2E0XYL & Neil 2E0TDX

In reply to M6YLH:
Many congratulations on your first activation from Whernside Hazel and welcome to the SOTA Activators list. Many thanks also for the S2S points with my station on Ingleborough. I think you deserve special congratulations for taking young Jack to the summit with you too! I am sure that looking after him would be a priority distraction from time to time. Well done you had everything well under control from my end of the radio.

Sorry to hear that the word got out to the local fell walkers that you were operating radio on Whernside that day. I am afraid that was down to me I suspect? I asked some ‘Three Peakers’ headed your way to pass on my best 73 to you and John.

I also got the ‘Are you going fishing’ question too. Perhaps I should tie a ‘crabbing net/wind sock’ to the top of my mast so they know that I am going fishing (Although, it would be for QSOs and not fish from the streams)

Best 73 and my congratulations on a very good start activating with SOTA.

Rob H

In reply to G0HRT:

Hi Rob

Missed you on NP-005 the other day. I called you a few times without success!



In reply to G0HRT:

I also got the ‘Are you going fishing’ question too.

Yes Rob, the joys of using a fishing pole antenna on a summit.

I was once asked by a hiker, “have you caught many?” I just looked at him and replied “Yes, you’re the fourth one today!”

Mike 2E0YYY

In reply to 2E0YYY:
That explaines the black eye then Mickey!

In reply to G0HRT:

Thanks very much Rob. It was a great day out and of course I was thrilled to have got 12 QSO’s. I was really fretting about it beforehand.

I now have some anti-nausea tablets for Jack’s long car journey for the next time…if John can hack the weight of carrying him up a summit!

There was 2 men that came by and said that someone had asked them to tell us that ‘our colleague’ was on his way. Well, me and John looked at each other very puzzled! Then of course, when you said you was on Ingleborough I realised what they meant.

I always enjoy seeing the curious looks on people’s faces as they walk by. The fishing question makes me laugh every time. I found the best comment of the day was by a Three Peaks walker who said, “You’ve got here from Ingleborough very quickly!”

Thanks again for the S2S. I was really pleased to get chaser points as well as activator points for my 1st activation!

Hope to contact you again.

73’s Hazel