M6RAL first sota activation

What a wonderfull time we had today on callow hill wb015 i set up on 2 fm with a mfd and a wouxun dual handie ,10 contacts in all ,but congratulations to my misses Cheryl for her very first solo SOTA on the same hill and on 6 fm at that !!! 73 to all and thanks to 2e0xtl ,we are out again Friday on Caradoc wb006 ,so listen out for Cheryl on 5151 or me on 500, 73 …al

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Hi Al,

Congratulations to Cheryl on her 1st SOTA. Watch out, it’s addictive!
73, John.

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Good to see the South Shropshire contingent out on the Hills! Lets take on IO83 for activity Levels!!

Glad it all went well Al and Cheryl!

Speak again on Friday, whilst I am at work!!

73 from a very jealous

Matt 2E0XTL

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Really pleased to have worked you yesterday Al from Swindon on 5w. Hopefully catch you again on Friday! Well done to Cheryl too on 6m.

Jonathan M6HBS

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Well done Cheryl! Watch out for the addiction; Viki now needs persuasion to go up a hill that isn’t on the SOTA list.
We were on Manod Mawr at about the same time. Beaming SE but no joy at all on ssb. Perhaps I should have changed to FM.
Will listen out for you on Friday if I can.