M6BWA 4000+ Activator points

Congratulations Viki, I notice that you have just exceeded 4000 activator points.

Super achievement on 2m and 70cm - respect!



Well done Vicki! :joy:

Almost all done on the 5W HH (but initially only 3W) and the trusty dipole.

Thanks for spotting this Adrian. To my shame I had not noticed and actually thought she was one summit short.
Glad to catch you once yesterday; not a great chasing day for me. Hope you had a good day as it was still pretty cold here.


Wow, that’s a massive total made with minimal equipment. Many congratulations Viki.

I will always remember working you from Beinn na Duatharach GM/SI-085 on Mull on 70cm FM when you were on Beinn Bhreac GM/SI-046 on Arran. One of those special QSOs that stands out from the many I’ve made during my years activating.

73, Gerald


Congratulations Viki. Amazing achievement…I knew it was imminent but those last few summits got you there a little bit sooner😁…all carefully planned as usual👍

88 Allan GW4VPX

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Well done Viki! Hope to catch you soon.

73 Martin

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FANTASTIC achievement, Vicki. Very well deserved. Your skill as an Activator is amazing
Many Congratulations. 73 de Paul. M0CQE.

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Many congratulations Vicki.
Heres to many more.

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Congratulations on a superb achievement! Wow, that really takes some dedication! Thanks for the S2S QSOs a couple of weeks ago from GW/SW-041 & GW/SW-016. I’m sorry that the wind noise was so revolting (on top of a low signal strength) from the latter. Your operating expertise and patience was much appreciated!

Looking forward to the next one, and congratulations again.

73 - Matthew M0JSB

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Congratulations Viki, a great achievement indeed.


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Congratulations on your score, Viki! It makes my recent 250 Activator points look feeble! Glad to have helped along the way, 73 John.

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Well done Viki !

Must make more effort to bring a 70cm rig along with me in future :wink:
By the way you’re in my log 98 times in the last 2 years …


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Congratulations Viki :woman_climbing: what a great achievement! It’s been good working you from a few over the past couple of years. Now crack on for 5000, hi!

73 & 88, the BML family!

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Well done Viki,
That is a staggering amount of activations.
You are in my Logs many times.

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Congratulations Viki.


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Congratulations Vicki!!
We need a celebratory meet up!

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Congratulations Viki. That’s a fantastic achievement requiring serious commitment. Thank you for the QSOs, I look forward to many more.

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Hi Viki

Congratulations on achieving 4000 activator points. You and Rod are great ambassadors for SOTA!



Thanks very much for all the kind comments on my ‘surprise’ achievement of 4xMG. I must add that it was also a surprise to me when I checked my statistics and found a figure starting with a ‘4’ for my total points. I knew it was in the offing but I didn’t have time to do any calculations and fine tuning with the rate we were trying to grab Winter Bonus points so M0JLA could reach his 1000. Looking at the weather now (and the fact we were away last weekend and I go up to London this weekend) I realise the hurry was well worth it while the weather was so ‘benign’. That word hides the fact that I have managed to double if not treble the number of padded layers I can just get inside my coat and still zip it up to ward off the persistent cold wind that has surrounded us. However the dry weather enabled us to tick off the local hills more quickly than usual and we are now left with only 2 ‘local’ 2+pts summits so will have to travel out of area if we want to claim any more bonus points - and London doesn’t seem to be the right direction!! Despite the low altitutde some of those thick layers will accompany me after checking the forecast.

I want to thank all the chasers as, without them, I wouldn’t have got any points at all and, even more so, my fellow activators who call in for a S2S and then find that I am trying to trap them into QSYing to 70cm just when they are ready to get their own activation going. You are a very helpful and patient bunch. I was particularly delighted by the S2S from GW/SW-006 Fan Gyhirych to High Willhays G/DC-001 with John, M0WIV who had lugged a 10 ele beam up to the top of Dartmoor to make sure the reports were 59/59 on both bands - 133 Km,not bad for 5 w! From the same summit I managed 234 Km on 2m to EI/IE-018 Two Rock Mountain where Keith E!5KO had to endure my changing my battery on the VX-7R and then giving up with the stick aierial (I had, of course, packed up the dipole before I heard him call) and having to find and erect the RH770 before I was actually audible. Even I forbore to ask him to QSY to 70cm - if only because I was frozen stiff by then as I couldn’t find any shelter at all from the strong wind.

My thanks also go to the incredible service we get from the SOTA database/IT team who enable the ‘magic’ which instantly tells me that, as well as 4003 points, I have spoken to 3838 different callsigns, 481 activator callsigns, gained 4434 chaser points (I only chase from SOTA summits so they are all from summits) and 5499 S2S points. No wonder I am feeling rather tired! Oh, I had better thank Rodn M0JLA for introducing me to this particular form of madness and for rescuing me when bits of the equipment fail on summits. I remember the two broken pipejoints on Whitbarrow and the top of the dipole which sailed off on Dent and I wondered why the caller at the other end was no longer replying to me - until I noticed a dangling piece of coax. I now carry one spare pipejoint and I hope he still carries the tape to stick things back together. He also does all the driving which will be a consderable distance this coming May judging by the cottages we have booked near Aberdeen and Dufftown. It looks as if I haven’t decided to stop just yet!
73 Viki


Congratulations Viki - very well done! That is an incredible and inspiring achievement.

Thank you for some enjoyable S2S contacts along the way. Always a pleasure to speak to you.

73, John M0VCM

Fantastic achievement Viki!

Many thanks for all the S2Ss along the way and for your patience when I finally manage to change bands to 70cm…

Here’s to the next S2S!

73, Robert