Many activators in the NP/LD areas will have spoken to Peter M6ANX a very keen chaser so sorry to report that at this time he is very seriously ill in hospital. Will pass on any further details of his progress as we receive them.

So sorry to hear that Rob, Peter has always been there on most of my activations and I sincerely hope he battles through this. I knew he wasn’t in the best of health but he always finds the time to ask how I am and although we have never met I feel I know him as a valued friend.

Hopefully better news will follow,


We may have ever met or even on the air waves.
But from those that have not, please get well and better soon.
So one day, one can record the contact in my log.

Karl M3FEH In Cornwall




Very sorry indeed to hear this news. Peter has previously helped me a great deal with 2m and 70cm contacts on the lower Lake District hills. I was very pleased to have a quick chat with him from Ward’s Stone at the end of our Keswick stay last month. He said he wasn’t feeling well and he sounded pretty rough but trying to be cheerful as always. If you have a chance, please send him my warmest regards and I hope the news will soon be better.

Peters sister M6WSU visited him today,he is still on the ventilator,slightly better but not out of the woods yet.


That’s good positive news Rob, we all wish him the best and hope he is soon better.


Sorry to hear about Peter’s illness but the latest news about his condition is encouraging. Hope he recovers soon.
David G6LKB

Sorry to hear about Peter’s illness, he was almost always chasing when I was out on the hills. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. George M0SSD

Better news, Peter has recovered consciousness but still a long way to go.



Good news indeed Rob.
Best wishes Peter,
from Derek