M6 Power Levels

It is about time this subject is raised as there are a few M6 stations who are using more than what is allowed of 10w to get the contact at whatever it takes .
It is now a regular thing for the EU chasers to complain about some UK M6 calls splattering while chasing SOTA stations .
So it may be time for them or one of the locals who know them to have a word before he recieves a visit .

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ROTFL! You’d better take cover, Roger.


73 de G3NYY

How do you know they are running more than 10 watts Roger? I know of one Foundation licensee who has been able to have antennas installed at the top of a tall chimney close to the sea and who therefore has a very strong signal with his 10 watts.


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Well if people would take there head out of the sand and look at a number of award schemes then check the positions in the tables only someone who baffles others with percentages would not be able to see the sliht errors .
example . a G0 who has a beam gets 55 running full legal and the an M6 claiming to be using a small dipole and 10w gets 59 +60 and at the same time beating all the EU stations who have upto 1kw . So now do you still think that qrp beats qro, you do the maths and explain how its done here is a few answers which may help , fantasic propogation with large beam arays or do they use remote stations via the net.

You are a qrp person so you can easily check what you have achived against some of the new breed.
Whatever you say will not change the facts that some M6 stations are…

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Whats new they need someone to have a go at to focus the anger away from the facts its getting to become a me me me hobby now bag and brag .
Over the years I have benn guilty of chasing awards to a target level and have had a couple of SOTA activators email me to say they have removed me from the logs , but like all things when someone says anything that may upset one person in a goup with a committee they will close ranks and do whatever it takes to discredit the one who has made the comment.

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(apply Scouse accent)

“calm down, calm down!”

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Well that may be correct and you and many others fall into the same group.
Fortunatly I am not in a position where I can use my power to discredit or remove someones comments from an award scheme unlike some.

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Was it not you who recently posted on here, that you were going to email a FL licence holder, who admitted to using excessive power over the air, Tom?

I’d be interested to hear his response … assuming it’s printable on here, that is!

73 Mike

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Here we go from a M3 point if people are using more power than they should then they open them selves for the stick that comes with it speaking for my selve any one at any time can come round and check my shack out any time if i can here a activator i will try to work them even if it takes a hour to work them all the best Dave M3XIE.

Yes Mickey. In that case, it was an M3 station describing his working conditions as “80 watts” to a DX station!

The station concerned was not on QRZ.com or discoverable at all on the internet, so I never did get in touch. Probably a pirate!

In this case, I got the impression that people are thinking “Hmmm why has that Foundation station got through the pile-up sooner than me with my 100 watts?”. This is something I achieve regularly in the Tuesday night UKACs, where I compete in the 10 watt section - actually with 5 watts. It is to do with much more than just power of course, in my case having my antenna atop a fairly “pointy” 343m hill.

That has not stopped a degree of suspicion in certain quarters that my beating QRO stations to JO00 square is indicative of cheating on power levels.


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That has not stopped a degree of suspicion in certain quarters that my
beating QRO stations to JO00 square is indicative of cheating on power

Must be that metal container labelled “Hot Soup” that you put next to the feeder!
(Insert very big wink here)

Colin G8TMV

Ha ha.

Maybe that’s why I’ve not been feeling so well, if I’ve been “drinking” the contents of a linear every Tuesday night for the last 5 years…


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I would not bother john its not worth it.

In reply to anyone:

Acceptable Use Policy:


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Join the back of the line.
I can not find your call mentioned anywhere so me wonders if your comment was for another reason .

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BIG BROTHER flexing its power it started off about a few M6 stations using more power than allowed. and again its turned into another witch hunt

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From my point of view as an activator, M6/M3 stations are amongst the most pleasant,patient and courteous operators one could ever wish to work.

just my observation as a mere Intermediate Licensee.


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“Witch hunt” Roger? The only person that has raised complaints or insinuations on this thread is you!

The rest of us have been suggesting reasons and examples of why QRP stations can perform very well, suggesting you calm down, and reminding you of the Acceptable Use Policy of the SOTAwatch facility.


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As they say it takes all sorts and only a few bad apples will spoil it so unless it is mentioned and the offending person is asked politly to think twice the bad manners will continue.

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The subject was the amount of power being used by M6 stations . Everyone knows that a genuine qrp station will get more enjoyment from a contact with 10w than an easy kill contact with 1kw . I have only ever had 10w on 4m SSB and done OK but as you will be aware that all vhf bands do not have the amount of people using them any more. Where as HF is over populated and for these few M6 operators it gives them all a bad name and as will no doubt be mentioned at some point, it is those few bad apples that will tarnish the hobby plus at the end of the day they are only cheating themselves.
There are quite a few full liecence holders who complain about some M6 stations but are afraid to say anything in case of reprisals not for what the M6 say’s but for the fact that they are using higher power levels than allowed