M3XIE Congrats David on 2000 Chaser points!

Glad to work you from Callow Hill WB-015 at 1500 on 2 August to give you your 2000th chaser point in just 10 months. You are obviously a fast worker as we also talked from Caer Caradoc WB-006 at 1216 and you gained another 18 points in the intervening 164 minutes! In this time we walked down one steep hill, drove to the next and walked up another steeper hill. It seems that chasers can amass points quicker than activators (especially on 1 pointers).

However we had it cooler (some breeze), better views and a close up of Flounders Folly (honest!) Many thanks for the contacts and hope we work again soon. Thanks to all the others who also responded to my 3.5W from the Welsh borders (also Burrow WB-014, a giant hill fort - but David didn’t find me there, perhaps he was out celebrating??)

Viki M6BWA