M3FEH/p on G/DC-003


26 CONTACTS :hushed:
1 VK CONTACT :open_mouth:

3 X SUMMIT 2 SUMMITS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Report and picys to follow only just unpacked the car :smile:



Great stuff Karl, I bet that feels good! :smiley:


Oh it felt real good when finally sorted.
But couple problems sorted and to get you first contact as an activator into VK5 to boot as well followed by a S2S.

Better get on with this report :smile:


Well done Karl,

It’s the early birds wot gets the worms.


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Heard Paul VK5PAS and Ed DD5LP/p work you. Couldn’t hear you though.

73 Mike

That,s a shame would been a good one only just got on air then.
Only Brits I did work was couple locals from Devon and Cornwall on 20m one was on hols in his motorised home.

Thanks again


Hi Karl,

I listened for about ten minutes in a vain attempt to pull you out. I don’t have Kit Hill in my log, so it was dissapointing both ways.

Well done on getting VK on your first activation.

73 Mike

May be next time will go back again for sure possible august and get better spotted this time .

You will log it in :smile:

Well done, Karl - I bet you’re walking on air right now!


Well done Karl, 20m has been very interesting this week with MC0RYC. More to follow.


thank you have listened out for you but conditions re poor on 40 recently


I think this was most likely skip distance for the sky wave. Ground wave is probably how you worked the locals. This is where other bands can be useful. I have stations that I can be chased by on 20m, others only on 40m (a few both). Shorter distance might be possible on 10 metres when that band is in any sort of condition.

73 Ed.

Well done Karl and a VK thrown in for good measure.

Missed you as a chaser today but UK contacts on 40m were dire so maybe you would not have made the trip. 60m was a saviour today. Thanks to all the chasers and the activators. 3 s2s today but just could not hear Jack GM4COX/p for the fourth :frowning:

Looking forward to getting you s2s in August Karl :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

 Yes 40m while out on Sota certainly favoured the Europeans well heard early this morning. Yet few more lessons learnt today before venturing off on less car excess able sites around Devon and Cornwall. Trust me when I say its not sort of thing you can venture straight into and like said lessons learnt today will help me along for future summits in time.

  Byway did manage to work GM4COX/p this mid day as once home guess who was sota chasing again whilst doing me logs on paper, Eqsl and QRZ.com.

 Certainly an interesting experience being on the other side of the coin as a activator and hearing some calls I know as activators and they were chasing me for a change instead of me chasing them. Strange feeling indeed and can see what drives the goats to carry on as they do.


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