M1MAJ new goat

Well done Martyn on attaining your ‘Mountain Goat’

David g6lkb

Congratulations Martyn on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M3EYP

Well done Martyn

73 Graham G4JZF

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Congratulations Martyn on achieving Mountain Goat, on this very wet day.
73 John G0TDM

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Congratulations, Martyn on achieving your MG! (It seems an uphill struggle to me from down here!)

Thank you for persevering on Helvellyn - great to make the contact with you.


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Many Congrats Martyn ,always good working You & Caroline, especialy today on Helvellyn. 73s

Well done Martyn and many thanks for the contact today from yourself and Caroline on a wet a miserable day on Hellvelyn. Also for earlier in the week as it has now enabled me to achieve 100 chaser points. :slight_smile:

Hope to work you on some more summits soon



Congratulations Liz on achieving 100 chaser points.

Jimmy M3YP

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Congratulations Martyn on your Goating


Excellent work; a worthy MG. Well done Martyn.



Congratulations Martyn - very well done!

I see your first activation was eight years and two days
ago… that’s a long haul, but a great encouragement to a
fellow Cambridge resident looking up from the foothills.


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Congratulations Martyn on achieving Mountain Goat. It is always a pleasure to work you either as a chaser or activator, & especially nice when we have a summit to summit contact :slight_smile:

Here’s to the next 1000!

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Congratulations Martyn on a truly excellent achievement! Respect to you since you live much further into the SOTA-wastelands than I do. I am sure that attaining MG has required considerable planning. :slight_smile:

Vy 73, Gerald G4OIG

Well done Martyn!
Congratulations on achieving 1000 activator points.

All the best for your further activations.



Congratulations on achieving Mountain Goat Martyn. 1000 points looked at best improbable in the UK when SOTA was first launched but you are another in an ever growing elite who have proved that wrong. It’s certainly involves a lot of work. Now you can have a rest until winter bonus! Well done, John

Congratulations Martyn. A great effort considering your home QTH. Not many mountains in your vicinity!
well done, Frank

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Congratulations from me as well.
What an achievement.
Goatdom is a far away place for me. Good luck with the next 1000!

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Congratulations Martyn, I think that certainly has to be up their with the most committed MG ever achieved! Mainly due to your starting location in the Hill barren lands of Eastern England!


Matt G8XYJ

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Congratulations Martyn!

I don’t know your local topographic conditions but reaching goatdom is worth celebrating anyway!

73 Bernhard DL4CW

Thanks everybody for your kind words. I only hope that the database agrees with my arithmetic when I upload the logs, as I believe I have reached precisely 1000 points so there is no margin for error.

A while ago I thought that I had a reasonable expectation of reaching the magic 1000 in 2012, based on our fairly predictable activation pattern. But we did better than expected earlier this year, and we had calculated at the beginning of this last holiday that the necessary number of points were available this year, provided we had perfect weather and a bit of good luck. The perfect weather didn’t materialise, but we made a better start than expected by doing Robinson on the journey to the cottage. Thereafter we made the best of it in the very windy conditions (unfortunately this restricted the number of times I could get onto HF). Our last full day, Thursday, was perfect weather, and we did a most enjoyable activation of Scafell Pike. That left me on 990 points, and we’d done Skiddaw earlier in the week, so Helvellyn it had to be.

The weather conditions were pretty foul, and at one point we nearly turned back. The shelter was barely visible from the summit cairn. When we did find the shelter, the most surprising thing was to find it occupied! But the two young ladies having their lunch there were happy for us to join them and play radio, so we set up with the rucksack antenna and FT-817. There was enough shelter that it didn’t have to be a hit and run, but it was obvious that it could only be a relatively quick 2m FM activation. The antenna was being detuned a bit by proximity to the shelter, so part way though we detached it from the rucksack and supported it by hand; that made some marginal contacts possible.

The weather remained miserable until the final approach to the car park, at which point the sun came out and you’d wonder what all the fuss was about.