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M1BUU and N1EU historic QSO in the news

There are stories aplenty about making emergency repairs whilst on summit. How about building an entire station from three kits… transceiver, keyer, antenna… whilst on summit with snow falling, and then making a Sota contact across the pond using a quarter-watt? The event earned M1BUU his 1,000th point as an activator, making him a Goat exactly one month shy of the 13th anniversary of his first activation.

That’s the lead story on the ARRL news page today:


Elliott, K6EL
Sota MT



Well done Colin on hitting the headlines :slight_smile:

Thanks for informing us Elliot.

73 Allan GW4VPX

UNBELIEVABLE - until you know it’s Colin. What a great thing to do and in winter weather too and what a way to reach 1000 activator! Inspirational.

John G4YSS