M0PLA European Tour end of Germany

Hi all
I have now finished in Germany and heading to Luxemburg tomorrow. I had planned for 3 summits but to be nice to Michelle (xyl) only going to do one. Probably LX/LX-001 as we are staying in a hotel in Wiltz. More than likely it will be around 5 - 6pm local time. Thank you to all the chasers so far, then Thursday heading into Belgium and completing the tour with ON/ON-006 & 021 probably starting around midday local time. Then spending our last night near Besonriex.
73 Paul


Don’t forget to fill the car up in Lux Paul :crazy_face:

We paid £1.0725/L for diesel either in Austria or Liechtenstein. Not really sure which country we were in at the time! Probably was Austria but things run into each other in that bit of Europe.

Will do Steve, I have tried to work you twice now from summits but nothing heard too close for skip and too far for ground wave I think.
Thanks for moving yesterday and thank you Phil OBK for assisting.
Michelle said to say hi to Dave.

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Hi All
I had a few problems today on LX/LX-001,I decided to try 40M CW, a bad idea I can hear some of you chasers saying lol. It was going to be one of my last summits of this tour with only two tomorrow in ON/ON,
I found my paddle from my pack and for some reason it is only working on one side. I looked at the settings on my 817 and BK was ticked so I am sure that is correct? I still wanted to have a go so used my paddle side ways on and used it as a straight key. My Morse is not great and my hands were slipping due to the heat. Sorry to the chasers and thank you for your patience, I did managed 4 or 5 QSO’s.
I am thinking of adding ON/ON-004 to my list. If I do it will be the first summit tomorrow at about 10 o’clock local time or there about.


Hi Paul,
I ended my tour today with ON/ON-016 and -021 , and by 15:30 local time, I got home.
I did activate 20 summits in total (of the 22 that I had planned … one because the castle was closed , and one I gave up because it was getting near 35°C yesterday afternoon !)

For ON/ON-004, you may run into some road blocks and deviations in St-Hubert. Look at the route your GPS is suggesting, and avoid going through the city of St-Hubert itself. Approaching from the EAST along the N848 should be no problem, and when you reach this point 50.024875, 5.405954 , there go right along the monastery, and then continue to past the main radar station building, and go RIGHT behind it, it is a forest road in bad shape, until you pass the secundary radar tower, and park just before that road takes a sharp left turn. Don’t set up in the woods, it’s private property, but stay along the road.

For ON/ON-021, the parking spot just off the road is again available, but it is easy to miss …so drive slowly and you will find it. The parking spot is in the AZ, but I prefer walking 5 minutes along the forest road, to a cabin and set up near it.

I will probably not hear you, unless you are on 80m, all higher bands are too close for me.

Thanks for that Paul. Dave enjoyed Michelle’s company. It was nice for him to speak to someone about something totally not to do with ham radio :roll_eyes: what with all us needs talking about EFHW etc :laughing:

The Tour is now at an end with an extra summit added today. 12 QSO’s including 4 S2S’s on Last Summit. After driving 90 minutes to our hotel for the night, I found we had a logger my first tic. Michelle managed to remove it and clean the area. I knew there was a good reason to bring a nurse along.
It as been a great 10 days with 20 summits completed and lots of new friends met along the way.
After my return to the UK I think I need a new Morse key as I promise my Morse is not as bad as it as sounded the few times I have tried during this tour.
Thank you to all of the chasers as with out you it would not be as rewarding.
Paul M0PLA
73’s all and catch you on another summit soon.

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Well done Paul !
Glad I could pull you out of the noise today.
Have a safe trip home.
Cu soon !
73 Luc, ON7DQ

Hi Luc
Yes I was wondering if we would bake it in 40, I must admit that I didn’t realise it was you until after we finished our QSO really sorry it was hot and my brain didn’t click with your call sign.
It was a pleasure meeting you and also the few S2S’s as well.
Cheers Paul

Well done Paul.

Sorry but I was not around today, nevertheless, thank you for all the contacts during your tour especially the two CW ones…we will compare notes when you get back. Have a safe journey home both of you and hopefully we might have another joint activation in the very near future.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Thanks for the s2s today Paul. I’m OCD about ticks. I hate them. If it was a small one, it won’t have fed so can’t pass on any disease. If large, look for a circular mark around the bite 24 hrs later, this indicates a problem. Hope all’s well, best wishes to you & Michelle.