M0IML First UK Gold s2s award

Congratulations to Barry M0IML / MW0IML on gaining 2500 Summit to Summit points. Had to come back to Wales last weekend to get those final few points :slight_smile: Thanks for the company over the weekend - great joint activation.

73 de

Allan GW4VPX

In reply to GW4VPX:

Well done Barry and very many thanks for the contacts along the way.

Good to meet you at the weekend and Alan too.


Well done Barry. Glad to have caught you on the important weekend 8)
Best wishes

Well done Barry always good to work you.Good luck.73 Don.

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Very well done Barry.

73 de Mick M0MDA

Good work Barry! Nice to met you S2S.

73 de Mikel

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Congrats, Barry. Welcome, from one of your six clubmates. I note that HB9AFI is about one climb away from joining the group. At that point, 38% of us will be Swiss. I guess that’s what happens when one lives among really big hills.

Elliott, K6EL
Little Pistol

Congratulations Barry on being the first to achieve the Gold summit to summit award.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Barry, thank you for all our contacts


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Congratulations Barry…

Ec2Ag Antonio

Basque country

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Congratulations Barry! Fantastic achievement.


Congratulations Barry, well done!

Roger MW0IDX

Nice one Barry, well done indeed…

Steve MW0BBU.

Well done mate!

An excellent achievement. Very well done! It is always a pleasure to speak to you.

It was a pity that my latest outing into GM clashed with your outing to GW, but we will get to meet up on a summit one of these days. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

In reply to GW4VPX:
Many, many thanks to all Sota friends for your kind comments.

I noticed at the start of the year that I had a good chance of becoming the first UK s2s gold holder and made a concerted effort to do so.

Many thanks are required to all the other activators for being on the hill at the same time as me!

Special thanks also to Don RQL and Mike TUH for their efforts in pointing out to me and other activators that a summit to summit was to be had - Gentlemen operators do these things!

Thanks again

In reply to MW0IML:

Well done Barry, we should get more s2s action now the 31st May has passed. Hope to work you from Germany in a couple of weeks time if you`re around.

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Congrats Barry, well done!

Nice to see that Kurt HB9AFI has also managed it.

73, Heinz HB9BCB

Welcome to the family gold s2s Barry


In reply to MW0IML:
Well done Barry and glad that I could add to the total on the vital weekend. It was good to have a contact again after what seems quite a long time.

As you have now moved back to Kent, you thought you were safe from my calls on 2mFM but it is now our turn to go visiting so hope we talk again next week - even if you are scuttling off to France on Tuesday to avoid meeting me! Please keep an ear tuned on that frequency as I shall be trying desperately for my first foreign contact from Cheriton on that day! I managed Guernsey from Dorset on 70cm last month so monitor that frequency as well, please!!

Many congrats

Viki M6BWA