M0IBC - Shack Sloth

We would like to congratulate Dave, M0IBC, the latest of our regular chasers to reach the 1000 points for Shack Sloth, achieved just before working Viki yesterday. Many thanks from us both. Dave, for the numerous contacts along the way. A dozen or so in my log and, I expect at least double that in Viki’s.
Well done, Dave, and many thanks. Speak again soon.
Rod & Viki

In reply to M0JLA:
Well done Dave, M0IBC . I know the decorating has suffered the last few weeks due to you racing to the radio when you have been alerted of a new spot :-). all worth it in the end m8.

In reply to M0NTC:
Thank you very much Rod and Vicky, I will be looking forward to our next contact on your next summit. Thanks to all activators for the points in helping me achieve my first milestone. Also congratulations to my pal M0NTC who also has achieved his “1000 point” chaser milestone.

73 Dave DE M0IBC

Congratulations Dave on achieving the Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M(W)0HGY

In reply to M0IBC:
Well done Dave!

Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself and of course many thanks for being such a huge signal on 2m SSB!

73 catch you soon no doubt

Matt G8XYJ