LX1NO Norby - message for

Norby - If you can, please look for my reply to your e-mail of August 10. 73 de Mike, EI2CL

Did not get your email. I’ll send again. Did you send to my yahoo addy?

I don’t have regular INet access, just by chance from now on again until tomorrow around 9am. Don’t know when I will be able to check-in again.

73 Norby

Many thanks, Norby for my first ever GI summit!


In reply to EI2CL:

Mike, got INet today but no email from you. Did you get mine?

73 Norby (MI/LX1NO, Belfast)

In reply to LX1NO: Was away from computer. Can’t figure why I can get your e-mails but you have not received my replies. Have sent you an SMS a few minutes ago. 73