LU9MZO at almost 6K!

Hi everyone, Diego LU9MZO this weekend went to Plata
LUM/FT-001 at 5949m asl.

A few qsos on VHF and also on HF (40m). We talk about using 20m but he should start to improve his english.

Here is a video he made.



Felicitaciones por la difícil gesta realizada



El campamento base que lugar increíble!
Con tiempo estaría bueno que Diego haga un resúmen de todo el trayecto. El hecho de llegar al campamento base y pernoctar ahí es algo que está bastante alejado de mi imaginación y ni hablar de empezar el ascenso a las 0300am!
Y la cereza en el postre los QSOs en HF a casi 6000mts.
Con qué otra sorpresa se nos vendrá?


WOW !!!
Chapeau bas !!!

73, Jarek

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Hello Friend how are you ? I will tell you a little about this altitude departure. Day1 It all started when I left the vehicle in the parking lot of vallecitos 3000 meters above sea level, load the backpack with 25 kg of weight and start the journey all by trail, passing through the first camp called veguita 3200 meters above sea level Where I did not spend the night, I continued climbing until reaching the big stone camp at 3500 meters above sea level and continued going up to the programmed destination for the upper jump camp at 4300 meters above sea level. All that took me 6:30 a.m. Day 2 rest. where you walk around the area to relax your legs a lot of hydration to acclimatize properly. Day 3 I left the camp at 3:00 a.m. waterfall 4300 meters above sea level towards the summit, the moon was great I did not need to use the flashlight, reaching 5000 meters above sea level I grabbed the sunrise and waiting for the sun anxious to warm me since the temperature was -15 °. Arriving at the summit at 10:30 a.m. after a little more than 7 hours, happiness was complete, even more so when with my handy I cominique from the summit even more when I raised the 5.5 m mast I stretched the inverted v dipole and managed to do some qso in 40 m happy to be able to achieve it, since at that height we depend on many natural factors that we cannot handle, we only have to adapt. After 40 minutes at the summit I undertook the descent to the camps where I arrived in 3 hours and went to bed to warm up the body


Muchas gracias estimado …

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