LU9MZO activator list issue

Hi there, I don’t know if I should wrote a direct message to de DB admin, sorry. LU9MZO report a problem with his activation list; he logon with his username and saw the summit activated its not complete.

With my user I can see LU9MZO (ID:20401) what he is expecting to see:

Please let me know if you need any info besides this; LU9MZO doesn’t speak english.
(I hardly do it! :smile:)

He created 2 accounts on 3rd November 2019, one at 12:20 and another 12:37. He will have tried to create a new account the second time, 17 mins later but with the same user name. The software does not allow that and made him use a different username, he chose something which is similar but not identical. I’ll accept not everybody understands software but if you create an account called MM0FMF and then try to create it again sometime later and the software will not let you use MM0FMF then that should make you stop and think, “why not?”. It should but doesn’t always.

Two accounts is a good way to end up with a log that’s not what you expect. And using similar usernames for these accounts means that it wont be long before you enter differing details and spread your logs across the accounts.

Moral of the story: If you create an account and don’t get a confirmation email, stop. Don’t keep creating more accounts, you will only make a bigger mess that will need fixing. Contact the MT using the form. It may be a bug, it may be user error, it may be problems with the servers. But blindly creating more accounts is never going to be the fix.

Yes it can be fixed, he needs to contact the MT using the link on every reflector page or on Sotawatch. Fine on not speaking English (yours is fine), you don’t want to hear me attempt Spanish, so Spanish is OK, or use Google Translate.

OK! Thanks for your answer, I understand everything you said because I’m system administrator. I will tell him to do a backup of those activations and contact the MT using google translator!