LU/ YO6PIB and YO6EVA attempt to activate Aconcagua on 13th/14th Jan

Csaba YO6PIB and Eva YO6EVA started the ascent to Aconcagua LUM/PH-001 (the highest summit in the SOTA programme, 6960m altitude) from the basecamp and expect to reach the summit and be on the air on 13th/14th of January. 14.285-USB, 7090-LSB (+/-).


help them make contact with the ham radio club in Mendoza. QSO is easier


Does anyone have an update as to how Csaba & Eva are doing please?

Hopefully all going well (and most importantly - safely). There is an alert for 1700 UTC today but of course on such a climb, I doubt they can be that accurate as the actual summit arrival time will depend on the weather and the other members of the group I expect.

So has anyone heard any update please ?

73 Ed.

Update: I listened from 1630 through 1820 UTC 13/1/20 on their planned HF frequencies as listed in the alert both direct and via a WebSDR in Buenos Aires - unfortunately I have heard nothing on 40 or 20m from them.
It’s quite possible the climb is taking longer than expected, after all the title of this thread says that the activation could take place on the 13th or the 14th. Perhaps the time in the Alert (which was posted for them by an Argentinian Ham I believe) was somewhat optimistic.

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Nothing heard yesterday. Let’s see if today is their D day.

conditions at these altitudes write different scenarios

Absolutely!! Lets hope they are both safe - that is the most important thing.

Sorry guys, we couldn’t reach the summit on either date due to very high winds. Now we are already descending as per our schedule with a very sad feeling, especially towards our Mendoza radioclub friends who were a great support to our expedition and were already prepared to chase us and even make s2s contacts.


The safe decision is always the right decision Csaba - well done for trying.
I’m glad to hear you and Eva are safe.

73 Ed.


Thanks for trying Csaba and Eva.
You surely made the right decision, as Aconcagua will remain there and you’ll be able to try a new attemp at any later time.
Now, enjoy Argentina!


these areas are wonderful


Carl, IK1YRA just posted this:


I have tried listening with the SDR in Buenos Aires Argentina ( ) but could hear nothing. I’m guessing LUM/SR-001 is a mountain on the way down from PH-001?

73 Ed.

Someone heard YO1PIB today from close to him…but false alarm.
LU/YO6PIB - LU/YO6EVA advice that they will be on air from LUM/PC-004 1500-2000 utc at 14.285, 7.090 next Saturday 18 Jan
Hope to heard them… is a WebSDR in Chile CE3PBR, close to them.

It was a false alarm… someone from there told me they were on air but few minutes later inform me as a wrong spot. SRI.

OK, thanks for the clarification Carl and also thanks for the good news that Csaba & Eva will try to activate a different Argentinian mountain before they have to leave.

Thanks for the better located WebSDR, to “listen-in” as well. I doubt the conditions will improve in time for Saturday for contacts back to Europe on HF - but you never know!

73 Ed.

False alarm indeed, we don’t have any more summits on our way down, but LU1MAW promised for us an activation when we arrive back to Mendoza (having one day to spend before our plane), so hope to catch you guys on Saturday

That’d be good if you can get one activation in Argentina in Csaba, but I hope you’re enjoying the non-radio parts of your holiday as well.

73 & stay safe Ed DD5LP.

Hey Ed, we already enjoyed the non-radio parts, these Cordilleras are amazing even if you don’t get to the top of them. Now it’s time for the radio-parts, like city-scaping, leisure time, barbeque, …

Sorry to miss this thread!
Today I finish to edit the video from the summit of LUM/PC-004 when Éva and Csaba were doing VHF Activation.
We are immensely happy to have met and shared that day of radio and mountains and bbq with these friends who traveled so far!


Thanks Alejandro, it was a wonderful experience visiting your country and meeting so much SOTA devoted friends.

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