Lowland summits in eastern Switzerland

I have to get out again!

SOTA is addictive… many know that.

The last few weeks of heat have been horrible for me. I don’t tolerate it well at all! One day (Aug. 6) was much cooler and I took advantage of it. On Aug. 10, I stopped the activity in the early afternoon… it was too hot for me… and I was totally exhausted. Weather with temperatures above 25 °C is just not for me.

But now:

From 21 Aug - 28 Aug I have a place to stay near Urnäsch, and will extensively visit the Lowland summits of eastern Switzerland. HB/AI and HB/AR is still “terra incognita” for me. On my list are 20 summits in AI, AR, SG and ZH…

So if anyone still needs some of that… I would be there. Since I can never tell when I’ll be where with multi-activations like this… I will enter the Summits in the morning as alert.

73 Armin


Hi Armin
I look forward to your lowland activations, in my chaser log at present 134 lowland summits.
Somewhere in the future I would like to get my 3rd Edelweiss award on the wall.
Wishing you good luck with your trip and activations.
Patrick ON4BCA


Hi Armin,

Great idea! This region is also pretty much terra incognita to me. Also probably because we’re both far away from there (whatever far means)…

Around this time I’ll activate some new and unactivated summits in EA3, so I hope for at least one S2S with you, but this time probably not on 60m, but rather on 20m. Fortunately, compared to cold, heat is not such a problem for me, but I also have my limits :sweat:

I’ll definitely configure another trigger in HamAlert and hope that I’m at the right moment on a summit.

Have fun and 73, Stephan


I just had a look… You haven’t chased all the Lowland summits in this area yet.

Maybe I can contribute something to your collection.

I will think about what I want to do the night before or in the morning …and then post it as an alert with the summit numbers in the comment line. If I am then on the summit I will spot myself if I have a cell phone connection.

I look forward to a s2s.

73 Armin


… with you. Enjoy!
73 Chris

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Since my chasing happens for 99.9% from summits, this would be helpful indeed!
Definitely a good motivation for completes :laughing:

Good idea, especially if the times are difficult to estimate. I usually take my FT2D with APRS with me, and put this information in the comment for single summit alerts. Like that, chasers see more or less where I am, but in Spain, the APRS coverage is not that good as here. If I don’t know if I can access a summit at all, I usually don’t put an alert, but it’s sometimes difficult to judge in advance.

I always do that, or if there is no coverage, I try to send it over analog APRS messaging.
You definitely have an advantage by using CW and getting self spotted. If that would also work with some kind of magic for SSB, I would definitely improve my very rusty CW skills from 30 years ago. I still hope that one day JS8Call will be available on Android.

I’m also looking forward for one or several S2S!

73 Stephan