Low bands on I/LO-191 20/07/21

Hi chasers,
tomorrow in the late afternoon, l will climb up to San Primo with my newest 160-10mt efhw. I hope to validate the activation in low bands 160-80 mt cw ssb and after I will try to work on 40 and 20 meters.
See you tomorrow.


I will listen on 80 meters


Mercie beaucoup Roger!
The time on sotawatch is approximate +/-30min.

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Waiting for you in 60 :wink:
73 Fabio


Ciao Fabio, I have added an alert also for 60 mt cw.

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I shall listen on 160 cw - but it might be too early for our distance with low power and low antennas…

73, gl, Roman


great roby I wait for you

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Nice signal here on 80m @ 18:00 599+, but 319 only on 160m (don’t have an antenna)
599+ on 60m also
Ciao Éric

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Ciao Roberto,

your signal on 160m was fairly strong here at 17:30 utc, still in bright daylight! The trouble was the local QRM caused by one of my neighbours’ toys. Hence “only” rst 479 :wink:

May I ask what kind of antenna and how much power you were using? Here 100 Watts into a half sloper with its apex @ 15m.

Thanks for the QSO, hope cuagn,
73, Roman


Funny evening on San Primo, in company of one of my collegue and my inseparable dog: we reached the summit at 17:00 utc.

Lake of Como and Bellagio

The San Primo summit from the ridge path

the invisible antenna

Considering the HF forecast, my expetations was pretty low.

My smartphone was offline, I didn’t rely on to selfspot or verify spot on rbn hole.
I started on top band, I setted 10watts output and preampli on rx.
I had a floor noise that s0 s3.

@DL3TU was a first chaser with a log on 1.835-cw, 599 and I received 479! qrb abt 500km
The second and last qso were with @HB9DOT, it was little bit difficult because his signal was weak, qrb 100km, NVIS qso!!
I qsy on 80mt cw, also on this band I received nice signal reports from chasers @F5LKW, @F5JKK and @IK2LEY.
On 60mt I managed a little pileup.
When I found a place with network I sent a selfspot on 40ssb, but I didn’t work any station…
At the onset of grayzone I switched on 20cw, also on this band the european chasers there have been and also a transatlantic qso has come. Many thanks @W4KRN for DX.
I returned in 40 ssb and I completed only one qso with @EA1DHB

Zac and his friend.

@F5JKK Many thanks for qsos and nice signal reports!!

The antenna is an efhw 42meters + 225uH coil + 5 meter, configured at inverted V.
The apex was about 35mt from feed and 8mt high. I prefered to keep the end of antenna some meters more high respect the feed that it was on ground.
The trasformer is composed of a toroid ft140-77 with 8 spire quadrifilar winding ( litz wire ) configured with 3 outputs 1:4 1:8 1:16 I used the output with major ratio.
For the segments of 42 and 5 meters I used a single conductor awg26 with tefzel jacket, the 225uH inductance consists in abt 80 turns of single enameled conductor awg38 on a pvc pipe support diameter 40mm and long abt 50mm.
I used 10watt on 160 and 80, and 5 watt for up bands, the next time I will try with 5watt also on lower bands.

Many thanks at All