Lost and found G/SE

Anyone fancy a walk up Wilmington Hill G/SE-011? Just setting up on Les Platons GJ/JE-001 and realised I must have left my solar powered radio controlled clock on the ground up there near the trig point.



Found. In Jimmy’s rucksack. He packed mine away as well as his it seems. No supper for him tonight in GU.

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Let the Lad have a sausage or two.

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Hi Tom,
You could build on this experience by scattering your gear around before the ascent, in the hope that it all ends up in Jimmy’s rucksack for the climb :o)

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No need to worry Ken, we are currently in a Thai Restaurant in St Peter Port, Guernsey having a set meal for 2.

Jimmy M(U)0HGY

Suddenly I feel hungry…