Lost a Post

Hi All
I was reading a post yesterday with regards 5 band EFHW and it looked very interesting. The problem is I cant find it this morning and I didnt save the post. Can anyone please give me a link if you can.


Just read this post of yours; used the search facility in this very page (spyglass symbol upper right) and found a number of posts where “5” and “band” and “EFHW” were mentioned. You might like to try that…

Yes I tried that but can’t see the one I was reading yesterday. It was a new post but I can’t see it any more. It had about 12 or so posts. I remember a German callsign replying with a new 5 band efhw he was working on for the summer and he as a shop where he sells equipment. It was a really good post and I thought as it’s my day off on Wednesday I can take a real good look and read. Lol if I could find it again

Maybe this one?

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