Lost a bung from your pole?

Walking down from Brown Clee Hill earlier in the year, I lost the bung from my antenna pole. My solution is to use the top from a plastic milk container with the end of the bottle cut off and held on to the pole with friction. A couple of turns of insulation tape increases the diameter of the pole enough to stop the container end from coming off.
I’d attach a photo but I think it has to be a link to an external site and I don’t have an account with any photo storage sites.



I think that it has been posted by some of the VK activators that a replacement rubber foot for a chair can sometimes also fit to replace the bung. Going around the outside of the mast, rather than inside, I think.

73 Ed.

By the way, no problems attaching a picture to a post on the reflector - simply use a program to copy it into the clipboard and paste it with CTRL-V


Thanks Ed. I was using my iPad originally and couldn’t get a picture to paste. I’m on a PC now so here are the pictures.



Drag the picture to the edit box and let go.

I just tried that with a picture I had on the mantelpiece: dragged it to this edit box and let go, but it just dropped onto my keyboard. Am I doing something wrong?

The frame probably includes too many bits…

Well, I was probably forcing the edit box to byte more than it could chew…

Cool stuff!! Easy on the eye solution…
Tony - G7OEM

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Were you holding it wrong? This is the normal reason for iThings not working as we expect.


I never expect iThings to work. What am I doing wrong?


< insert MPTLOB clip here >

Sorry, it does not work. Don’t get Cross!

On Ipad, you don’t have a “windows explorer app” (for obvious reasons) but you can still upload images using the upload icon. Select it and you will get a dialog that asks if you want to upload an image from your device or from a URL. Choose the device if that’s where your photo is.

The upload icon is illustrated here: it is the horizontal bar with the upward arrow in the toolbar seen when you are editing an item. I created this image just now from a screenshot on my Ipad, used standard ipad pic editing tools to crop and then markup the clip. Finally used the upload button to upload the edited pic. (On the ipad)

I dare say if you were on windows or OSX you would get a similar dialog if you click the same upload icon. [Edit: just checked on windows and yes, click that icon and you get a dialog asking you what file you want to upload]

Hope this helps.

73 Andrew VK1DA VK2UH

Thanks for the tip, Andrew. I tried a dummy run and it does indeed work.


I do not know what brand your pole is. But for my Spiderbeam pole the supplier provides spare parts. I purchased a replacement bung and the top segment some time ago. I hope the deep link to their spare parts section works. Perhaps the size also matches your pole?

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Like Ed said earlier, I normally use a rubber chair / table leg foot and put it over the outside of the pole end. These are normally sourced from our hardware chain, Bunnings. A tether from the pole to the bung helps, but having said that last weekend the bung vanished at Toorongo Range despite being securely tethered. The tether was ripped off by vegetation I guess.
Glenn VK3YY